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Final round of Worst Hegemon Poster





155 members have voted

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Left a few names off the old list and brought the 2 finalists from the old survey back to decide who truly is the worst Hegemon poster.

May the worst poster on earth win!



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My heart wants to say shahenshahahahah but my mind wants to self-mutilate whenever I see Alterego try to formulate a rational thought, so he is definitely the only choice.

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Tough call, but I voted Alterego. Haf is pretty bad and you can lump IRON posters as one group ... but AlterEgo is the only poster who makes me want to jab a blunt object into my eyeballs when I read his posts.

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Alterego is bad, but Haf is just pulling random !@#$ out of the air lately so my votes with him.

It's so obvious that this proves my theory that SF is going to attack NpO and C&G and SF, how don't you see it? I mean... voted Haf.

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Oh, this is for the worst "old hegemony" poster? I was gonna say, because C&G and SF are the new hegemony, and the choices should be members from those blocs. Will you do that contest next? If so, just self nominate, because you'll win hands down.

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Halflinger wins, especially with his penchant for taking NPO's party line and sharing it as if it were some sort of "inside information" he is privy to. Whether he believes that or not.

Also, as for the previous poll, its "bigwoody" not "Big Woody", tyvm

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Shahenshah, no question. Haflinger and Alterego might be hilariously wrong a lot of the time, but their posts at least make sense and occasionally they make good points.

You are clearly unfamiliar with the sheer "WTF-ness" of Mr Pride Assassin. Shahenshah is like Archon or Vladimir, compared with him :P

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....the worst posters are in the Hegemony. I didn't think this was even debatable. Worst Hegemony poster = worst poster.

Also, as for the previous poll, its "bigwoody" not "Big Woody", tyvm

I just renamed you. Deal with it.

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Do you people not appreciate the effort that has gone into being the poster I am today? Dont let Haf beat me, he doesnt deserve this as much as I do.

Now I'm definitely not voting for you! :colbert:

Only one of those 4 is on my ignore list for repeated defecation on the forum and that person is PrideAssassin.

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First you mention "worst Hegemon poster" and then follow it with "Earth's worst poster". Maybe we need the stupidest person on Earth poll and have you as the only option.

So many possible candidates, but only one Sarah Palin :P

Also, voted Haf and tied it up

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