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A Beer Review - For When I Surrender to Fark

Ashoka the Great




You sit down and think to yourself, "Hey, it's only beer." So you have a few.

And then your brain insists on doing the math, trying to figure out just how much you've had to drink.

Eventually you figure out that you've actually downed an awful lot. Then you decide to post something in your CN blog about it just so the rest of the world can know that you've intentionally poisoned yourself. And, should you not post for another couple of hours, you hope someone might take the hint and call an ambulance. (Please remember to say: "He's in the living room, lying in front of the TV. His eyes may or may not be open, but that's no indication of consciousness."

Oh, and by the way, it tastes like crap. I say that fully aware that I will have no recollection of its taste in the morning, apart from the lingering taste not too dissimilar from having had a waterfowl nesting on one's tongue all night. Neither will I remember making this post. I rather suspect I'll forget my home address, too.

Definitely 10/10.



Recommended Comments

As a rule if a beer says that its "premium" it is most definitely not.

Very true.

I was fooled by the 'product of the UK' label. I just assumed the Motherland wouldn't lie to me about a beverage they're so proud of....

As to its effects, consider that each over-sized can contains as much alcohol as three regular cans of beer. More if one is accustomed to lighter beers. Drink it like normal beer and one is in for a rude surprise, specifically, feeling like one has had about three beers too many, all night long.

It reminds me of the 'slogan' F. Ross Johnson came up with for RJR's attempt at producing a smokeless cigarette. He took one drag and said, "Tastes like s---, smells like a fart." (This was santized in the movie 'Barbarians at the Gate' into "Tastes like crap, smells like a john."

The only plus is that one becomes inebriated so quickly that taste rapidly ceases to be an issue.

Oh, and the next-day rotgut feeling is fantastic, too.

Truly this is a beer one should serve to guests....one doesn't like too much.

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There's a couple beers i'd call super beers. Steel Reserve is potent, at around 10% it tastes like just pissed in a can though. After about 4-5 you don't taste anything.

Nice review.

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