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Sarcasm is totally the best.




Regarding random blog #1342:

Hello, my name is Pedron Niall, and I have a problem - a serious problem. Yes, here at Cybernationholics Anonymus (CNA), I have been hoping to shed my serious addiction to watching one flurry of words from a fictional character attack another. However, let us be realistic. You probably have some odd and/or disconcerned questions about myself and what on Earth I am talking about. In that spirit, I shall try to answer some of them:

Who am I?

I am a young adult currently attending university for political science in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Most of the time I spend studying, reading, or working/looting for food. When time allows, I play CN.

That's cool; can you do any tricks?

Actually, my only real trick is the general inability to come up with any such wit or tricks. Well, I think I could, hypothetically, jump through a flaming hoop. We should try sometime.

What about CN, then?

CN itself is interesting, and so has my experience been on it. I will wish to elaborate my view on it in the future, but for now, the game has always been interesting and works for one reason: the human interaction. For naysayers, the situation of political affairs is hardly stagnant at all, rather, one tends to measure changes in large intervals, and only when it is change they search or wish for.

What's up with the odd name?

It's a book reference to a series by Robert Jordan - The Wheel of Time. The character is the leader of a group called The Children of Light, which are a religious-crusading-like organisation. They're pretty excellent, well, if you like the following: dictatorships, military rule, devoted religion, and/or burning the [Tar Valon] witches (my favourite part).

Oh, so you're a huge geek then.

Yes, but I would consider geek an offensive term. I prefer huge nerd. However, should you have synonymus terms, go ahead and throw them at me.

What is it like where you are?

Well, if one likes permafrost, living in igloos, and hunting whales, then Canada is an optimal place to be. Well, that and we're so damned liberal. Man, life is a rotting hole.

So wait, you're not just one of those fat, 40-year slobs living on worker's compensation who lurks the intrawebz?

Disappoingtingly, yes. Unfortunately, I am currently writing to you from my macroeconomics class, managing to leech my attention-span by this piece instead of reviewing Keynesian theory. I HOPE YOU FEEL SPECIAL!

Oh... I am just going to slowly step out the door now... Slowly... Slowly...

Ah, it was nice of you to come along and investigate my new blog. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to ask or state. But remember, you must first answer me this questions three... Actually, no, no you don't.

Now get off my lawn, you kids and your damned 17th-century baroque music!



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