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Global Coldening




Ok, so it is local coldening...

Had a massive thunderstorm this afternoon here in what was sunny Melbourne. It came with the added bonus of hailstones the size of golf balls and enough rain to turn Melbourne into Venice. Anyway, here are some pictures taken from my balcony and of my balcony which became a large icebox which would have been great had I had beer to put out there to keep cold.


A failed experiment involving amphibious taxis


Amphibious trams also seemed to be a failure...


The balcony-sized ice-box was showing more promising signs

So, the elevators in the building are still offline due to the flooding so I've got nothing better to do than sit here and post this bollocks on my blog.

Thanks for reading, your subscriptions keep my blog in print.



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You should do a blog on the x11 matches tbh. Purely because i've won 5in a row

You inadvertently pointed out why I'm not going to do that. No one cares if you are winning you Miley-loving disgrace to humanity. :wub:

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Because even water doesn't want to live in South Australia. tongue.gif

Oh yeah? Well... well... meh, congrats on your A-League win over Sydney.

I'll be there in a few weeks with a long water vacuum to steal your water. Ciao.

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I saw this on the news last night. Funniest thing I saw was someone carrying a small patio table as if it were an umbrella. I guess I'd do the same if Mother Nature was trying to smash my brains in.

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