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TOP's Counteroffer: lol what

Chief Savage Man


1. The Order of Paradox, Independent Republic of Orange Nations, Democratic Alliance of Wise Nation, The Order of Righteous Nations and The Sweet Oblivion, hereby named for the sake of clarity TIDTT, admit defeat and surrender to the collective forces of the Complaints & Grievances Union, and their allies (list cut off but it then lists all alliances la la la)

2. TIDTT shall pay reparations in the amounts outlined below. In the case of both reparations paid directly by TIDTT and of TIDTT paying for tech deals from other alliances, it is the responsibility of TIDTT to ensure that payments reach targets specified by the receiving alliances.

3. Reparations may be distributed by the Complaints and Grievances Union to any alliance or nation not engaged in conflict with any alliance over 2 nations as they see fit, or any nation within the Complaints and Grievances Union not at war with any TIDTT targets or direct allies of TIDTT.

4. TOP will pay a total of 50k tech in reparations.

5. IRON will pay a total of 40k tech in reparations.

6. TSO will pay a total of 15k tech in reparations.

7. DAWN will pay a total of 5k tech in reparations.

8. TORN will pay a total of 7k tech in reparations.

9. Further along the forces of TIDTT agree to decommission up to 50% of their nuclear weapons in sign of good faith, for the duration of terms. This means they will be protected by the CnG Union for the same duration.

10. None of the nations member of TIDTT are to be left behind. Unless the victorious alliances are asking that we accept a sentence of multiple ZI, all our member nations have fought bravely in this war and have been subject of and the attackers had the opportunity of ZI'ing anyone.

11. Any beverage/food review is available as long as at least one government member of TIDTT is willing to test such things and then write about the experience.

A little birdie (or two <_<) told me this was the counteroffer. 50% of nuclear arsenal. I wouldn't consider anything less than 95% decom if I were CnG. Whatever.


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