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Survivor: Cybernations - Season 5



Survivor: Cybernations - Season 5  

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Survivor: Cybernations - Season 5

As questions about a new season of Survivor were recently brought forward, I figured that I'd canvass for some opinions here rather than cluttering up the Sanction Race thread (plus, I can't exactly add a poll there). My desire is to hold off on starting this up again until everyone's finished with their wars (so finish off your wars or else you don't get any Survivor), but I don't want us to hold our breath forever either.

Traditional Format

This would be a return to the inaugural season of Survivor, where all Sanction Race alliances are placed in one large group and, every day, the alliance who lost the most score (or gained the least score) is kicked off the island. The alliance gaining the most score gains Immunity for the next day. The one alliance who survives to the end, without ever gaining the least amount of score, is crowned as the champion.

Anti-Survivor Format

This is the same format we used in Season Two, and is the reverse of the option presented above. Every day, the alliance gaining the most score gets to escape the island, while the alliance gaining the least score is, I dunno, chained to a tree or something, and can't escape the next day. The one alliance who remains at the end, without ever gaining the most amount of score, is crowned as the "champion".

Last Man Standing

Same format as used in Season Three, when FAN and NATO had their epic showdown. Instead of mandating that one alliance needs to be booted every day, only those alliances who lose score on a day-to-day basis are removed - whether that's zero or thirty. The one alliance who manages to outlast all the others, with the longest consecutive streak of not losing any score, is crowned as the champion.

March Madness - March 11 to April 6

March Madness is the same format we used last time, where two alliances go head-to-head in order to move onto the next round. However, this time we'd make a few changes. Instead of a large complicated qualifying round, we'd split the top 120ish alliances into three divisions, based on their alliance score, and each division would have its own individual tournament. This should make things a bit easier on the small alliances, so they don't have to fight off juggernauts each round. Second, I'm not going to care what happens on your AA. If you ship in an entire alliance to boost your score, have at it. I'm not going to attempt to police it this time. Third, in the interests of time (since I've scheduled this to end on the same day when March Madness ends), some of the series will be best-of-three as opposed to best-of-five. The tentative schedule for March Madness can be found here.

Cybernations Olympics - March 12 to March 28

This is the format I had originally planned to do in February, but SOMEONE decided to go and start a war. CN Olympics will take everyone currently in the Sanction Race, and have them compete against each other in various stat-based competitions - 36 events ranging from one to seventeen days in length. And, of course, after each event, we can hand out medals and generally let the winners feel smug about themselves. The tentative schedule for CN Olympics can be found here; orange indicates days over which statistics for that event accumulate, while red indicates the final day of competition for that event.

Other (Please Describe)

If you have any other format that you'd like to suggest, please leave a comment describing it and vote accordingly in the poll.


Recommended Comments

Survivor: Three-eyed Island

A nuke race! You promised me, Gopher! You can have two categories, or survivor races, at a time; One for total nuke growth, one for nukes/nation growth, or something along those lines.

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How is March Madness not winning D:

Actually it would be boring if your alliance doesn't make it past the first round maybe? MK made it to the semis last time so that was fun.

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Maybe March Madness if it has a losers bracket and the top teams from each would compete against each other. Another possibility is that the winners would compete for 1st and 2nd and the losers bracket competes for 3rd and 4th.

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