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Panzer Lord Methrage, Anarch of the Confederation and King of the Citadel!




Announcing CTC as one of the founding Directors - 07 March 2008

In September 2008 or whenever the noCB War was starting up I left FCC and joined MK for the duration of the noCB War as well as a few week afterward to help them rebuild, but a few week after MK's surrender I formed a 10 man alliance on black called Onyx Hand consisting of former FCC members, coming together from various places such as FCC, ML, and MK. This alliance merged back into FCC towards the beginning of 2009 with results for the better most thought at the time, except a few rather than merge into FCC joined ML, VE, or TAB.

Onyx Hand & TAB Protectorate - 14 October 2008

I announce my reign as King of FCC while announcing our new Charter, Move to Black, New Forum and Gov. - 05 March 2009

I seize the throne and become King of Citadel as well - 01 April 2009

OMFG & FCC SISTER Treaty - 17 June 2009

FCC Joins NOIR - 10 April 2009

FCC Declaration of War on IRON in Support of Gremlins - 24 April 2009

Also signed & negotiated the FCC's MDP with Argent, ODP with Fark,and surrender terms for IRON which weren't announced by me. It was after having won the Karma War for the FCC, winning against the NPO I had nothing left to strive for. Now with the power of the dark side the Panzer Lord awakens from his rest and prepares to conquer those deserving...



Recommended Comments

I was one of your humble subjects during your reign as king of the citadel. You'll also remember (hopefully) I am a libertarian. Should you ever start an alliance with some libertarian theme, give me a shout Id be intrested to see how it plays out.

Until then, enjoy the memories.

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