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How Long Till Jack Diorno Leaves Athens?





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Sorry Jack, but I thought I'd introduce you to being on the other end of a "witty" blog post like the one's you have been writing.

We all know Jack doesn't stick around in an alliance for long, so when will he get bored and find create a new one that no one wants to join.



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Agreed, needs caps. And he does always return to Athens. I think he only leaves so he can rogue people without bringing Athens down with him. Better for their reputation. Everyone knows, though. :smug:

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I'm guessing he'll stay there a while. He seems to be happy and having fun and, most importantly, he isn't whining. It's when you see someone whining that you start to think that their time in their current (sad) situation is coming to an end. Who can blame them for seeking out a little joy?

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He'll leave as soon as the war is over. Then he'll come back next time Athens is in a war. Rinse and repeat.

Isn't that how some folks are defining rogue nowadays?

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