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I had to have the staff of my SDI shot earlier in the war for poor performance. Since then they've been top notch, blocking 1-3 nukes each time.

Mine were stolen by PC - the kids I was forced to replace them with were not good :mad:

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Yeah, previous to this war, mine, which was over a year old, had blocked one nuke. I've done decently this time through, but the randomly generated stuff has got to go.

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During my last war, I blocked 16 over three days and about 3-4 more over the rest of the war. :smug:

I've still only have about 6-8 of mine get blocked across 6 wars.

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Last two days CSN had against GDA i fired 9 nukes, two of which landed. my SDI blocked a grand total of ZERO, and the S.O.B. was out of nukes so all it had to do was block ONE

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I wondered why I wasn't blocking any. I investigated and found my SDI techs had broken into the iFOK liquor cabinet. Once I got a better lock for the booze they did a better job.

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If I'm against 3 opponents, each with 25 nukes, my SDI will block a dozen, and then I'll get nuked every day anyway.

If I'm against 1 opponent with 1 nuke and the capacity to buy 1 nuke per day, the SDI will block none, and I'll get nuked every day anyway.

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If I remember rightly I'm on something like 14 blocks v 5 eaten, which is 73% :)

Although more people seem to be doing terrible than there are people doing brilliantly :/

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Apart from LOL MY SDI SUX (which is true), I hate them all and want them gone. Also, mine and my enemies are almost always short bursts of blocking 4, 5, 6 nukes, then blocking none for a few days.

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