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Examining the brilliant Alterego: Part 1




Starting off slow.

I slate Spartas shakedown and you use the size of BAPS warchests as a defense in Spartas shakedown of TOOL. Straining to do some explaining <_<

To answer your question a billion is a huge amount of money. They have 207 members and have just fought in the most destructive global war ever. They were vastly outnumbered lost 50% of their NS (4m NS), probably spent most of what they saved after last years beat down.

Lets flip your arguement for a moment. You say its not a lot for the 200 members of TOOL to pay. If its not much for a 200 man alliance to pay it shouldnt be much for a 400 man alliance to recieve. If it really is that insignificant, why dont they just waive the reps. Like you say its not that much at all.

With double the members you should be happy to pay a minimum of $2 billion should you be defeated in the future. Seeing you think thats nothing Im sure any reps offered to ODN will get in the future refect this. The good news is thanks to Karma when the time is right all reps they ever got will be returned with interest when they get the beatdown they deserve, Karma style.

OK. So we're bad for extracting reps based on NPO's actions. "2 wrongs don't make a right." Yet because of our 'wrongs', the Hegemony is entitled to extract reps based on our actions. Awesome double standard!

They're sore about losing their precious infra and tech. Its not enough for a group of bullies just to beat you up they have to rob you after. They then are surprised when people point out that its not right and their answer is usually that they agreed to give up their money.

Like the post below this, after being beaten up and robbed you are expected to give your bullies a pat on the back and congratulate them on a job well done.

Clearly TOOL was mugged. I mean, TOOL didn't come in on the mugging side or anything. Just because you come in offensively and get your butt handed to you does not mean you were mugged. It just means you suck at anticipating the fight your victims will put up. You still have to pay for the broken nose you gave your victim.


...This is stupid. See above. Just because you have a treaty with your fellow muggers doesn't excuse them from the act of helping them mug you. Oh, and it was an oA anyways. So they chose to do it.

Oh. Now I know why he's bawwwwwwwwwwwwwing so much:

Kill that wretched bloc and all who dwell within the ranks of the aforementioned bloc.

Things didn't work out exactly like you wanted to when TOP declared on CnG, did they, little Alterego?



Recommended Comments

Just because you come in offensively and get your butt handed to you does not mean you were mugged.

OOC: Depends. The vast majority of self defense laws protect you only so far as the attack is nullified or broken off, anything beyond that, and YOU become the aggressor, no matter who started it.

Just sayin'.

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