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Commander Meatsticks



There has been a influx of refugees and illegal immigrants in Durca due to the ongoing world War between various alliances. "Me and my family had a wonderfull life with a beautiful home," says one man. "Now we live here on the outscurts of Durca's capital Durma, we live in a small tent here at the camp grounds with all our stuff in in large trash bags. The war in our countries have not only destroyed our lives but the lives of countless people around the world."

When we asked A Goverment representative on what Commander Meatsticks plan on duing about the refugees he had this to say..."We are building some temporary housing projects to house some of the displaced, but as for the rest of them they have to be kept at the camps until we are able to find a place for them."

Another problem that arises from the immigration is national security. The is a possibility that some of the refugees might be terrorists, criminals or army deserters from other nations.



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Another country housing refugees, eh? If your people need help, regardless of your AA, we can send a group of ERHDC (Emergency Relief and Human Development Corps) over your way to help out with logistics and what-not.

We're all human after all.

(OOC: you're good at this RP-blogging thing. Keep it up! :D)

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