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C&G Conundrum




War is fun-several C&G posters.

You attacked us and must not be allowed to do it again-several C&G posters.

Yes, the logic astounds.



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This hasn't really sent me into an existential moral crisis. War is fun, but I'd rather fight it for a good reason and on level terms. Luckily, TOP's attempt to fight it on their terms was such a hackjob that they're undoubtedly losing.

Their attempts at a Machiavellian foreign policy fell at the first, because they're no NPO. But we don't want them to become NPO, because that's no fun for anyone.

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There are several ways to address this "problem". The first is to mention that C&G is an alliance bloc that contains a varied and nuanced membership. The second is to highlight the fact that these two statements aren't contradictory, although would be somewhat irrational if we accept that those who think war is fun would never want there to be war again. The 3rd is to mention that war for C&G is probably more fun if it occurs on C&G's terms, and that constant war obviously will become unfun at some time for some or most of the membership.

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The logic is sound. War is fun, but if we have alliances attacking us just because they feel like it all the time we wont have time to grow our nations in between fighting the wars. War is more fun when you're not crushing tiny noob nations with your extreme tech levels and expertise.

Thus we do think war is fun, but we recognize that attacking us like this must not be allowed to happen again.

I believe we are demonstrating both of these points currently.

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Are you implying there is no logic to this?

War is fun, but we can't allow coalitions to build up and come attacking us all the time just because they feel like it. We need a few months in between the wars to build up some infra for ground attacks, a bit of warchest to buy back military and maybe buy a few economic wonders so the next cycle of regrowth is quicker.

I think we are accomplishing both the fun of war and the demonstration that attacking us is something you do NOT want to do.

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