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Astronaut Jones military service is coming to an end.

astronaut jones



In about 10 days time, my military service here on planet bob, and of course flying high above planet bob, will be coming to an end. I've talked to my superiors, and they've given me my identification papers to slip back into civilian life, and boy am I surprised at the name they gave me. A little strange, but I'm certain I'll get used to it in no time.

So, while I can't become my civilian persona for 10 days time, and with no real military tasks ahead of me, I have decided to randomly spy away technology and whatnot from various nations around planet bob.

It passes the time. Most of my random spying so far has been done to monos archein, though, so maybe it's not as random as I thought.



Recommended Comments

A committed socialist such as yourself is always welcome in INT.


i have already picked the alliance I will be joining, and for those who would like to know, it is one of the following




Poison Clan


That is all.

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