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List of Atrocities commited by Mushroom Kingdom against the World

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Below is a compilation of the number of atrocities that Mushroom Kingdom has commited against Humanity.

- Couped GGA

- Set up peace-loving TOP to provoke the current Global War

- Protected Rogues and Tech Raiders all over Planet Bob

- Issued crippling reps to NPO, thus destroying the Spirit of Karma, preventing Bob to enter a Golden Age, and throwing it into a new era of Darkness

- Killed JFK

- Plotted to spread communism through America

- Sold weapons to the Third Reich

- Murdered Archduke Ferdinand, provoking WWI

- Spread the Black Plage

- Betrayed Jesus. Twice

- Gave the killing blow to Julius Caesar. The other 22 stabs were only flesh wounds

- Poisoned Alexander the Great on the peak of his power

- Gave the jawbone to Cain, thus inventing offensive armament

- Lured Eve to grab the Apple

- Convinced George Lucas to film the Prequel Triology to Star Wars

- Created Super Mario Bros

Please tell me if I've missed something. The list is likely to expand as new events develope in the future, as the evilness of these people knows no bounds.

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Seems to me someone is giving someone entirely too much credit, although I would believe they invented them damn blue M&Ms. About the $2 bill, I'm not so sure. Where were they when Cauliflower was invented??

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More MK atrocities :P

Got Brett Favre to leave the Green Bay Packers.

Broke up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston.

Were responsible for the re-election of George W. Bush in 04.

Are hiding Iraq's WMDs, thats why we can't find them.

Are helping Iran with their nuke program.

Hiding OBL.

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