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You Know You've Won the War When....

Ashoka the Great



....you get an "I don't care because I'm quitting" PM during wartime.

This is especially true when the person sending it self-advertises as a high-ranking government member.

Perhaps I should take a step back and explain what I'm talking about.

We all know that war isn't about infra, tech, land or casualties. It's all about making people announce that they "don't care" about anything. Once you can do that, you've won. After nearly four years in this place, it's the only part of the war system that I really enjoy and the only aspect that isn't completely random. (Don't get me started about my joy-riding bomber pilots.)

Oh sure, for alliances it's about victory. But for the little guy, the grunt, the individual member, it's about winning an attack when you have 38% odds. It's about watching your enemy's air force launch a massive airstrike that does absolutely nothing. It's about thwarted nukes. And, of course, it's all about those precious moments when your enemies' tears begin to flow.

By now we've all seen the plea for white peace, made by alliances who are currently being ground to a fine powder. Now, my take on this is that it was a poor attempt at spin-control, almost offensive in its transparency. A bit sad, really. For someone like myself who has nothing to do with peace negotiations, it just made me shake my head in wonder. What were they thinking?

It was almost as if there was an outbreak of 'Just Not Getting It' among those alliance's leaders. (The defeated don't get to dictate terms, for starters.) I was embarrassed for them. But I thought that maybe, just maybe, I was reading too much into things. Surely they didn't intend to make themselves look so foolish. And maybe they don't see themselves as defeated.

And then I met topgunsamus, Invicta's Minister of Information and Deputy Minister of War:


"Attack me and i assure you, unholy vengeance shall rain down upon your soul..."

Holy !@#$, I thought, this guy means business.

OK....I thought he meant business.

And so I attacked, and braced myself.


At the very least I should sue for false advertising.*

Now, I can't speak for every government member of every alliance, but when a high-ranking member throws out the "I don't care" line, it makes me wonder if he's saying the same thing to his membership. Or is he stringing them along with talk of "standing strong" and "sticking by one's friends and principles"?

I came back to CN to fight with my brothers in Nordreich. I heard the war was coming, created a nation and here I am. But this....this is a very new idea for me.

Pray tell, how does one stand by an alliance by abandoning it?



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You don't stand by an alliance by abandoning it. I really don't care about my nation. ZI isn't that bad. You can always rebuild. Fighting for my friends and beliefs is what the game is really about.

It's a shame that some people become so frustrated they quit. It would be nice if people could realize that having a large nation isn't the important thing.

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Being successful in war is almost like being a good Buddhist: Transcend your nation, transcend your alliance. After 6 months of ruling unaligned, I joined GOONS right in the middle of ModGate, just a few weeks before UjW broke out. I went unattacked for the first week, then IRON Academy and ODN found me. I declared into anarchy night one or was anarchied very early, and clawed at eyes for 3 or 4 weeks straight. My nation was nothing. It wasn't about my nation, it wasn't even about winning or losing battles. It was about launching attacks until either there was nothing left to attack, or I had nothing left to attack with.

The people that can just fight are the ones who are successful regardless of whether or not they're winning. Lots of alliances were winning for years, but would we say they're successful now?

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