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The Biography of a Mad Man - Chapter One




I've played this game longer than most consider sane. I've travelled Planet Bob since my original nation came into being during the Great Polar War; Don Fanucci of Altman. Since my beginnings, I've made many mistakes and many enemies. I have also been fortunate enough to find many friends in my time here as well. They say that my name brings up a certain amount of controversy in many and that is something that I've come to accept. This blog will serve as my biography over my few years of national leadership. You may not agree with what I've done, you may not agree with what I do. There may be several errors in these articles and I will apologize now for them. Things can be forgotten in the sands of time.

Chapter One: Small Beginnings

I originally found Cybernations when a military group I was a part of in another game invaded and formed their own small alliance on the Pink Sphere. The exact name is something I don't fully remember but it had "Near Sparta" in it. Much of my beginnings was spent in the same manner as 75%+ people begin; I collected taxes, paid bills and didn't understand (nor try to understand) much. That was when I received a recruitment message from an alliance I would end up being a member of for the next year +.

The message was simple but it offered me an existence in Cybernations in a renowned alliance (in retrospect this wasn't entirely accurate) that would help my own meager nation become a powerhouse. They were offering me $3,000,000 if I went through their Academy and became a full member. I had never even heard of that much being offered. Shortly after, I changed my Alliance Affiliation to "North Atlantic Defense Coalition" and began the application process.

Training was as most training's tend to be, boring and tedious. I powered through it as quickly as I could, gaining the record of being the fastest person to finish training completely and also being the first person to get a 100% on the new graduation examination.

It was shortly after this that mostly driven by ambition, I added EmperorCharlesVI on MSN and began correspondence. It was this event that brought me out of my shell and led me down the road I have travelled until this very day. EmperorCharles, impressed with my attitude and ambition approached me regarding the position of Director of Business Services, a Finance job well regarded as a curse in the NADC. The three previous DoBS' had held the position for only a short time before burning out and leaving North Atlantica for good.

I worked as hard as I could, quickly cleared the backlog in the Technology and Donations market. I hated the work. I despised it, actually. However, I knew that this would merely be a means to an end, and if I could succeed doing this, then I would be considered for more prestigious positions. I had just begun my aquiring of titles and I wasn't going to stop.

The NADC elections came and went, with a majority of the elected being incumbents without much serious competition. I was fascinated with the election process. The debates and the campaigning were exactly what I wanted to do. After letting a few cycles pass by, I decided to nominate myself for the position of Juror with the NADC Court System. The position wasn't one that was very competitive, but I put my all into it. I set up a campaign video which is still on youtube and can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGUHQRmHBWA. I was elected with a hefty majority.

Still, I wasn't done. I wanted to contribute more and I wanted to continue setting my future up for success. (OOC: At the time I had undiagnosed Lymes Disease which had inflated my left knee with fluid to the extent that I couldn't walk or leave my room, leaving me with quite a bit of free time.) Berzerker, one of the NADC members I respected most and the Chief Arbitrator for the NADC Court approached me not a week after my initial election regarding the Arbitrator position that had just been left vacant due to Kevcompman leaving the Atlantic. I, of course, took the position soon after.

With the positions of Director of Business Services and Arbitrator under my belt (I had to step down as Juror in order to allow for the promotion) I was still left hungering for more. Diplomacy seemed to be the most in line with my ideals and interests, despite the Foreign Affairs team being nearly filled to the brim with other talent. I signed up to become a Foreign Affairs Delegate and swiftly became the NADC Liason to the GUARD bloc.

At this point in my NADC career, I was getting burnt out and quickly. I had been working for a considerable amount of time and as hard as I could without much help. When it came down to it, I didn't have the energy to go on. Thus, the curse of the DoBS position took me and like my two predecessors Impman (?) and Kevcompman I resigned from my position and the alliance. I wanted to find a home where I could just relax as a regular member and not actually do work. I soon applied to \m/ where I sat collecting my taxes and paying my bills until the Unjust War where I was ZI'd fighting until disbandment.

When \m/ disbanded, my Real Life situation at home was getting difficult. Namely because I didn't exactly have a home. Thus, Cybernations got put on the backburner until I got my situation at home fixed. This would end up taking quite a few months... To be continued.

Next Article: My Return to the NADC, the ACDC Scandal and the Attempted Rivival of GUARD.



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