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GOONS Government: Finding the path forward





The Question

A thread runs throughout all the Goon gaming guilds, across all the various games we play. It is the question that the leadership will have to ask, find an answer for, and ultimately to choose to ignore or adapt. The question: "How much can we get away with?" The answer is different for each game. Goonswarm, the EVE goon group, at its peak was a bastion of letting its members get away with whatever they wanted. Goonswarm's membership garnered billions of isk (the in-game currency) through scamming, and other mischief. Most other Goon groups however have to find a middle path between what is fun/ideologically pure and what is necessary for survival.

Historical Perspective

Recently I had a great talk with a scholar of GOONS history (hi babyjesus). He confirmed what I had known from my discussions with other Ex-GOONS from the time. As time dragged on, the old CNGOONS government (for the most part) became less and less concerned with the survival of the alliance. Their recklessness cost them many allies, culminating in their defeat at the end of the UJP war. Rather than pass on the alliance to the next generation of leadership, they killed it, and arguably with it, the largest community of Goons in any browser game. They found their answer to the question, and it was a simple "no". They rejected the rules of the game, their former allies, and eventually the game itself.

On the moon we found an easily reachable answer. Everything about the game was lax, the moderators, the diplomacy, the risks involved with war, the game itself. It was an ideal world to learn our trade. We found the middle path, and we rarely strayed, and were able to accomplish much hilarity. We operated within the confines of the game, stuck with it, and eventually won, and did it with style. We successfully passed down the most important position (Pilot) a good many times. The truest test of any browser based alliance is process of passing the reigns to the next generation of leaders. If an alliance cannot survive this, it has failed. The old CNGOONS failed.

Finding the next answer

As we near our first anniversary, I've taken stock of where we've been, what we've accomplished, what enemies we've made, what allies we've gained, and what allies we've lost. I can't say I have no regrets, and there were certainly a lot of things I'd have done differently now, but we have done well for ourselves. We have had a few run-ins with the reckless mentality of old, but in the end cooler heads have prevailed. We're having a blast in the war, and it was everything we hoped it would be, we have good relations with our allies, and internally things have never been better. I don't see us making the same mistakes as the GOONS of old did, our answer is far more reasonable.



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