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LOL at the NpO-TOP line.

I have no idea why it did that, but I thought it was hilarious too...

good job here...

Do you use illustrator to do that ?

Cause I was wondering how you manage all the update... you have to change everythin by yourself (or is there a network software who decide to move things) ?

Cause my war web (url under) is rather different from yours and i wondered how you did it ^^


I use graphing software on one of my servers.

You forgot to add NEAT with the attack alongside SOS against Hydra. We declared same time. ;)

I get declarations off the wiki, it wasn't there when I made this :ph34r:

You're added in for the next update (as is SLCB's new declaration)


Could you add a tl;dr at the bottom for us mods? :awesome:

Ha, I'll see what I can do

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Fantastic job. (An alliance by the name of 'The Zoo' also declared war on NoR, by the way. Beats me who they're tied to and how, though.)

With the number of DoWs and surrenders, I wish you the best in keeping this up to date. Won't be easy.

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