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The Dreaded Pit of Information



I took a stroll through the Cyber Nations information index recently to see if I could clean it up a little bit. I was looking to see if I could make it more like the Cyber Citizens about screen where you click on individual links to pull up an article rather than have the whole confusing thing listed out all at once. But when I stopped and really looked over the CN index I realized that there is really a lot of stuff in there. Lots of numbers, percentages, dollar figures, and oh the dreaded math equations. Everything is necessary but my goodness there just a lot of stuff in there and it would really be a lot of work to change all that. So I have given up on the makeover of the CN information index. Not gonna happen. Instead I am contemplating simply renaming it to, "The Dreaded Pit of Information". Like?


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Well damn, now you've made me want to take a look and see if I can clean it up. I'm probably too lazy and just going to forget about it, but now it's going to sit at the back of my head constantly. :v

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While I like the Dreaded Pit of Information right now, I think it can be consolidated easily to something like the effect of the Cyber Citizens Information Pages.

Store all the information in each section in a table inside the database, then just use a database function to grab it all onto the page.

Something like this for how the page:

about_topics.asp <-- Index with topic links

about_topics.asp?info=wonders <-- Brings up Topic Links at the top and directly under it Wonder Information

Something like that for each section would greatly reduce the text on that page, and be simple to manage because all of it would be in a database

I know this isn't the place for formal suggestions, but I'm just throwing the idea out there ^_^

Edit: rephrased some of my sentences for a clearer picture of what I meant.

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