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The Fun Doctrine




Oh god, not another one.

While I'm glad the blog option in the game exists, blogs have a tendency to act as soapboxes, and nothing in this world is more boring that yet another "well, here's what I think about this war..." post.

So why have I made one? Because I love the sound of my own voice. Because I, like everyone else, am entirely convinced of my own inner brilliance and think everyone else should respond telling me what great posts I make.

But anyway,

The purpose of this post is to expound, probably at more length than you care about, upon my stance as to Cybernations And How It Should Be Played. This is an out of character opinion, although to be honest my "character" in-game is basically me, so all being out of character means is that I'll be mentioning that this is a game. If it comes as a shock to you that this is a game, I can't wait to see what happens when you discover what color the sky is, and that water isn't as dry as you might have previously thought.

The whole thing can be summed up in a single sentence, represented here as a graphic:


Games should be fun.

Cybernations is a game, and games are supposed to be fun. If you're playing Cybernations and you're not having fun, you should either play another way or stop playing.

This isn't to say that games should be silly, or that games shouldn't be taken seriously. A lot of the fun of a good and immersive game is that it is serious, and that you can devote a lot of time to it. What it is to say, however, is that there's a line between taking the game seriously because of how much fun you have with it, and caring about the game so much that you start to feel genuine anger, bitterness, resentment or hate because of it.

Here's some things that are fun:

  • Getting your own back on an in-game enemy
  • Scoring a fairly wicked burn on someone on the forums
  • Tweaking the nose of an authority figure
  • Stomping on an alliance you dislike

Here are some things that go beyond fun into the realm of the creepy and sad.

  • Forcing disbandment
  • Going on a vendetta against an alliance and spitting hate at them
  • Investing so much in your nation that you get genuinely depressed when you get into a war because of your precious pixels

These latter things fall very much in the area of Taking The Internet Too Seriously. Yes, I realize the irony of a former member of the Goon Order Of Neutral Shoving saying something like that. There's a serious point behind this, though. Even old GOONS at their worst were still ultimately committed to the idea of having fun in the game. Admittedly at points their form of fun was about the misery of others, but that's really beside the point. They played for enjoyment, and like I said:


I see a lot of people these days who play for revenge, or play to be the top dog, or play to instill their form of order in the game, and honestly they don't seem to be having fun. On the other hand, I'm in 3 wars right now with NATO, and I'm chatting on IRC with guys trying to nuke me even as the bombs drop, and we're all having a whale of a time.

Fundamentally, the fun doctrine comes down to this:

  • Play your game, not anyone else's
  • Only care about how other people play if it effects you
  • if the game causes you more misery than joy, play something else

kind of waffly for a small point, but then I suppose I'm kind of a waffly person.

So, yeah.



Recommended Comments

Games should be fun for everyone.When your fun interferes with the fun of someone else is where the major question comes in to play.Hackers enjoy making programs that are destructive which spoils others enjoyment.Nothing ruins your day as having your computer go down.Your fun ended through the enjoyment of others.

Admit it your definition of fun comes at the distress of others.Let's ask FOB if it was fun for them when your alliance and others tech raided 3 vs 1.

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and the whooshing noise comes as the point is missed. Swing and a miss, gents.

Yggdrazil, my personal definition of fun has no relation to the feelings of others. It's not that I try to make people happy or try to make people sad, it's that it's not my concern. It's not my responsibility to make games fun for everyone, I only have the responsibility to make them fun for me.

Bringing hacking in to the discussion is a cheap shot, because hacking actively causes real world damage, wheread blowing up someone's pixels does nothing of the sort. I'm talking about how to have fun playing the game, and the fact that you feel the need to extend the discussion to include criminal activity just shows that you had no counter for anything I was saying.

Fantastico, I'm not judging anyone's idea of fun. I'm just pointing out (and I really don't see how you can deny this) that there are an awful lot of bitter and bloody miserable people out there, who would probably have more fun if they went to Kongregate and played Gemcraft instead of keeping on eating their livers over what someone did on the Internet.

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Very much agree with this post even though nations against my alliance numbers is overwhelming we are still having fun. We are standing by friends, we are experiencing a part of the game that indeed is fun (barring the server crashes at reset).

We have invested a lot of time in our nations if you play this game long enough. However, it is just a game.

Part of that game is the analysis of it however. I am guilty of that. Part of this game is the politics behind the wars. Some makes sense some make you go :blink: but lately its been :wacko::lol1: and :nuke::ph34r:

Either way its been a blast and as long as folks we are involved with are joking around and having fun with it and not acting like a*(*(*&^*%%(#) about things its easier to deal with.

Now back to my bunker...the radiation is getting bright out here...

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You guys rolled like you wanted to roll up on that other place that hovers in the night sky and now you are doing the same here. It is nice to be sharing planet bob with you fellows. Enjoy playing the game how you wanna play it, without doing any of the creepy things you mentioned.

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