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Introductions and Waltzes Aren't Selling This Year




292 days ago, at the behest of my close friend Tacoleary, I founded the nation of Mandellavia and joined the mysterious League of Shadows Treaty, more commonly referred to as =LOST=. After a quick glance at the Alliance Politics section on the CN forums, I began researching the history of Planet Bob on the Cyber Nations Wiki. Since that day, I've closely monitored the ebbs and flows Cyber Nations international politics. I've made awesome friends with some of the Cyberverse's most fascinating individuals.

I started as a regular member of =LOST= and began taking advantage of the many growth programs instituted by the government. The government sponsored lulz contests that I won (for simply being active) and commissioned tech deals that I took part in. The biggest boost to my nation came when the Mushroom Kingdom selflessly gave =LOST= members aid to push us over the 1,000,000 nation strength plateau.

When not actively tech raiding unaligned, inactive nations, I lurked around the =LOST= forums and the CN forums for any news trying to get a sense of =LOST='s place in the international community. I discovered that =LOST= had forged friendships and treaties with the most loyal and hysterical alliances out there.

After a few months, the =LOST= government announced that the regular members were to prepare for a war with the We Are Perth Army--the conflict now referred to as Shark War II or the STA-WAPA war. Upon attacking 2 WAPA targets and being attacked by another, the complexities of fighting a war where the opponent fights back soon came to be apparent. However, Mandellavia stayed out of anarchy and gained valuable technologies as a result of the short conflict.

In the middle of the year, =LOST= members gathered on the forums to elect a new government. Tacoleary approached me and asked if I'd like to be on his ticket for Minister of Internal Affairs--I would be his deputy. I was delighted and accepted immediately. However, when elections came, Tacoleary lost to the very capable incumbent, Johnny No Legs.

Not all was lost though. The new Emperor, Wargarden, appointed me to the position of Lieutenant in the 501st Storm Trooper Division--an elite squad which serves as the Emperors body guard. I immediately accepted and I still proudly hold that position.

As part of my duties, I am charged to direct a platoon of general members in battle. When it came clear that =LOST= would be joining the Mushroom Kingdom in the War of the Coalition, I attempted to rally the troops and give them targets.

However, the lopsided nature of that war caused some members to desert and others to simply ignore orders. Still, those who decided to stay and fight the good fight endured heavy casualties and refused to give in.

My nation dealt out many casualties of its own during the conflict. By swapping for military improvements before the conflict began, I fielded an immensely powerful army for my nations size. I swiftly declared war on 3 targets and anarchied two of them. Before long however, Mandellavia found itself besieged on six fronts. However, by the time peace was declared, I had anarchied 4 of them with the help of my brethren and managed to stay out of anarchy during the entire conflict--an achievement I am very proud to have completed. I dropped from 14k NS at the beginning of the war to 7k NS by the end.

=LOST= is still under surrender terms from that conflict, yet we managed to pay the technology reparations far ahead of schedule. I personally shelled out 550 tech to ease the burden despite being a nation of only 8k NS. Mandellavia's economy now thrives better than ever and before Christmas I plan to purchase my first Wonder.

=LOST= will be holding elections this December. I have announced privately to certain government officials that I will be running for a certain government position during those elections. My frequent IRC activity and desire to do more to help my alliance has necessitated this step.

Well, that's the general gist of my Cyber Nations career. I bet most of you don't know me very well, but I will try to update this blog regularly. It will serve not only as a place to share the goings on of time here, but also as a place where I will share my thoughts on recent developments within =LOST= or throughout Planet Bob.

I will attempt to keep my prose fresh, simple, and clear.

Otherwise, you'll just get =LOST= in a Haze of Blog.

--Lt. Mandellav of =LOST=


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