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The Nation Sounds the Call for War!





President Smithep will announce a state of war today.

Around 10:00 this morning President Smithep will give the his official and first speech of Aredan going to war. While he did make a quick speech last night when the declaration was officially give and acted upon, he plans on making todays speech a very informative and positive speech to encourage all citizens to support the soldiers during this cause.

Thousands of troops, tanks and other military equipment have already been deployed overseas to begin the assaults on opposing nations,while back at home the military has had to quell a riot in the city of Trinidad. The nation is by no means at ease, and mixed thoughts on the war continue to emerge. During his conversation last night President Smithep did state some of the following information,

"While it is a action and war we did not want to get involved with, the Christian Coalition of Countries has asked us to help them in war as they defend the alliances they have treaties, and good relationships with. It was not hard for them to decide who to defend during this war as they have good friends on both sides of the war."

The war has been a fairly long one and stretching over two different fronts, the first war began when the alliance New Polar Order declared war on the alliance \m/, and while that front was winding down the Order of the Paradox would declare war on an alliance bloc known as Complaints and Grievances. While both wars connect they are being treated as two separate but intertwined wars by much of the world news corporations. We were able to have a conversation with High Commander Zenizen Trist as more of the military was deploying last night before he would immediately climb aboard a nearby awaiting helicopter and fly out the transport ships after his speech.

"We are now a nation at war as I'm sure many of you have heard, While many of our soldiers and personnel are excited to go to war it is not something we as a whole are eager to do. Its going to be ugly and a rough ride, many of the men and women we see hear tonight will not come home, they will sacrifice their lives in a war that some will mention was a war of freedom, or a pointless war.

Already our first wave of soldiers have struck at the nation of Thorim, and the reports state that it wasn't a good outcome for us, Its going to be a hard war.

Despite the strength of Thorim however, I am positive that we will pull through, and whether or not we win against Thorim per say, I am confident that us and the Christian Coalition of Countries have made a proper and thoughtful declaration of war. The nations of our alliance may be few compared to many alliances, but we are strong, and we are tough, and as a Christian alliance, an alliance that does everything the way God leads us we will overcome this war. So tell the public of this great nation, to pray for us above all things, to pray for the troops, to pray for the generals and leaders of the military and even the government, that we may have the knowledge and understand to do all things according to God during this unfortunate time of war. I thank you for letting me speak to you, and as I myself head overseas to be in the midst of battle with the great men and women of this military, and this nation, I pray that you will keep us always on your minds, and when we come back victorious, we will praise God together, for the victories and defeats during those times."

Despite the first attacks and defeats of the war the military and government both remain positive of this conflict, the encouraging atmosphere they have created and maintained that past few days is something very admirable. With the nation recently Mobilized a few weeks ago due to the first front of the war, and that war coming to a close before Aredan could enter the conflict, tensions remained high. Now however all efforts are being focused on making this war over quick, and getting our men and women back home as soon as possible.

Samantha Yale,

Aredan Tribune Reporter



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