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Nothing to fear

John Warbuck


How do you kill a man without fear? By putting the fear in the man. I have never seen so many fearless men in battle at my side before, and despite the mass declarations of war, the bandwagoning, and the overwhelming odds, no one has been able to put that fear in any of us. We stand tall and proud in defense of our friends.

The amount of infrastructure that I have incinerated continues to grow, the tech that I have destroyed is beginning to reach a frightening level, and the land that I've razed is almost equivalent to the land I possess. Why am I so destructive? It is because I am not afraid.

I watch my alliance membership lean on each other and find ways to win against overwhelming odds, and I see that they are not afraid either. I feel the highest honor being able to command these people in battle. And their goals will soon be met.

We fight for the ability of our friends to no longer have the need to fight. We do not fight for either side of the No U War that started this. We are fearless in our pursuit of that peace, and hope that in our stand, we can make people realize that this entire war is downright ridiculous. The innocent suffer due to the idiocy of a few.

But still, despite the mass numbers against us, we fight. And we will continue that fight for our friends until our mission is accomplished. We will not waiver, we will not lose focus. Those who are fighting us will pay for every level of infrastructure they take from us. And sooner or later, we will have peace.

FEAR, NATO, LSN and all our other allies- keep up the good fight! ADI is by your side. We will fight until death to find you peace. And to the fearless members of ADI- keep your eye on the prize, stay steadfast, and keep making me proud.


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