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Alrighty, so I'll just introduce this to get the ball rolling...

Imperium of Poliz



Hokays, so I'm a part of World Freedom Federation, we're NEW's protectorate. In our defence, that gives us a lot to live up to, but I think we're not going too badly so far.

So anyways, because of FEAR's entanglement with Athens, NEW did their part and jumped in. According to the agreement we have with them, we're not bound to militarily aid them, but we have the option to. It was deliberated that joining the war, and ankle-biting at Athens for a bit would be fun for all, so we decided to declare and be side-by-side with our Protectors.

Then we got declared on by Heroes of Gaming, who probably come from the big forum of the same name. We kinda match them by nation numbers 1-on-1 but their average NS is higher, and they seem more tech-heavy than a lot of our guys (especially me >.<)

So we faced an Athens counterattack, and then got HoGtied a bit. We could probably comfortably just keep kicking them both in the shins for a bit on our own, but then of course, the Nexus Agreement decided that we'd do just fine for target practice too. Thank Admin that VA has our backs, and declared on HoG, it seems to have slowed them down a bit.

So overall so far, we've got 47 nations squaring off against just over 300, and currently fighting over 60 wars.

And who am I? Well, I'm the Foreign Affairs Officer, and yes, if you bother to look, you'll see that I'm in Peace Mode. I'm just waiting for this bloody Peacemode Countdown Timer of Doom to hurry up so that I can get stuck into someone, but yeahs...

How long do I want this war to last, or at least our part? I hope to be warred up and then peaced out by the time our big holiday on the Skymarshal's Birthday rolls along. Come chill in #wff for that! In fact, come lurk anytime, there's always room for one more.

Anywhos... we find ourselves outnumbered and outgunned, side-by-side with our Protectors, going through our Baptism of Fire, and hoping that we can live up to the expectations put on us, that being so close to NEW would make some of their ownageness rub off on us.

"Sir, we're completely surrounded."

"Excellent, we can attack in any direction!"




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