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Which language?

Micheal Malone




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Being that I'm getting up there in my years I've begun looking back at things I should have done when I was younger.... One of them? Learn a foreign language. So I'm gonna do so. I've decided I'm gonna let CN decide which one via the poll. Winner gets my best attempt at learning it, heh. :awesome: Initially I was going to learn either german because of my heritage, or dutch.



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It really depends a lot on what you're planning to do with it and your background. Since you mentioned a German heritage, I'm guessing you don't have any cyrilic experience, so Russian would be hard for you, but it is a very useful language to have.

The Romance languages (Spanish, French, Italian) are also very useful (Particularly Spanish if you are in America), they have the added advantage of making it much easier to jump from one to the other if you want to learn more than one language. Plus, they are excellent for travelling in many places around the world.

German would probably be the easiest, and is also widly spoken in central Europe.

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I tend to disagree with Letum. Learning the Cyrillic alphabet takes about a week, and once that's done, you're home free. Russian grammar is also quite regular, unlike German grammar, which is the work of Satan.

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I'd vote for finnish, but that is not in the list so I have to say german. Cool language and really usefull if you wanna travel in Europe.

Finnish is an epic language. Too bad I'm not fluent. :P

Other than that I voted French, German, and Russian, because they were the common languages I enjoyed learning the most. Would also agree on Dutch although I haven't learnt much of it myself. I do know some basics like "goede/gooie morgen," "dag," and "dank jij veld" (sp?) but little else.

That said, in my linguistics endeavours I've encountered languages that appealed to me far more :P Just don't learn Chechen. That language is hard on the throat and then some. Kalaallisut (aka Greenlandic), Bashkir, and Yoruba are some of the more interesting ones.

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