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February 2nd 2010




Hello this is Commander in peace mode, day four. Currently the effects of peace mode have not hurt the Republic of Oceania, yet. The Republic of Oceania is getting more money. As usual I am not purchasing anything for The Republic of Oceania. The Republic of Oceania has been the same nation strength for four days, now. The Republic of Oceania is still 6987 nation strength, which is 643 less then our highest amount of nation strength, which was 7630. The only reason I think The Republic of Oceania was more powerful was that powerful was mainly because of military for the war with Petizzle, but now the military is useless stuff that just adds to my bills and put me in bill lock. I have checked nations across the globe and learned that I am the 2090 most powerful nation in peace mode out of 4267. Tech is still owed to the nation of Neftyaniki.


Leader of the Republic of Oceania



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