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Grub Thows a curve ball that really isn't a curve ball

King DrunkWino



By now, those of us that have been trying to follow The Silly War (yes, I'm calling it that because it fits oh so well,) know that the New Polar Order is back in the game. This time Polar enters (re-enters, who the frack knows anymore,) to support her ally the New Sith Order. This, of course, put RoK in a tough spot because Polar went to war against GOD.

First lesson: I started my CN life in the Random Insanity Alliance, a founder of the SuperFriends, so I can say this as 100% fact and 0% opinion. The SuperFriends bloc ALWAYS puts it's members before EVERYONE including their own selves. So, it's no surprise to see RoK cancel it's treaty with NpO. Sad maybe for all involved, but not surprising.

Also, I don't see where anyone should either be surprised with Polar backing up the NSO here. I've never been in either alliance, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out those two alliances and the STA feel the same way about each other as the SuperFriends do.

That ain't really the point though when you get down to it. Basically, I think everyone needs to thank the Grubster right now. I don't think for a second that he sat down and mapped out the course here, but he has taken center stage as being the guy most responsible for The Silly War kicking off. For that, I thank you Grub.

Maybe I should be clear about it. War in CyberNations is fun time. Peace time in CN, eh not so much. I said it in my last blog entry so I won't go through the particulars again apart from saying that wartime in CN is the time where everyone tends to have the most fun.

So for bringing fun time, I think all of us, no matter what side of The Silly War we find ourselves on owe Grub a hearty thanks and a round of applause. In fact, I think we should collectively create our own knock off of the Nobel Peace Prize called the CN War Prize and present it to Grub. Photoshoppers get working if you please.

Oh, and before I go:

10. The New Polar Order therefore declares war on the Global Order of Darkness. Whilst it would be easy to assume I am doing so because I hate Xiphosis and vice versa, this is not the case. We are committed to ending this war as rapidly as possible, preferably by a white peace agreement for everyone engaged including but not limited to TOP, IRON, C&G and SF and all their related friends and well wishers. I can not however stand idly by whilst my comrades are in deep trouble on our behalf.

I am going to hold you to that. I ain't a fan of deliberately crippling folks for participating in CN happy fun time just because they lost. You have publicly taken the load on your shoulders to seek a just peace. It might not be easy, I know. However, I do pledge this much (and if any Polar bear reads this, please pass it on to the Grubster,) I'm not one of the famous backdoor political players of this game. That doesn't mean I don't know people nor does it mean that I can't have a civil discussion with just about anyone involved. Therefore, as a (roleplaying anyway,) Master of The Jedi Order, should you require or just want my services to help mediate peace, I'll help. Not stoking my ego or nothing (really,) but I know the some of the folks you're fighting with on a friendly basis.

I toss this out because I also would ideally want to see a flat out white peace. You pledged that you seek the same in your DoW on GOD. So, since we both would like to see the same thing...

Well there ya go. Again, thanks to you Grub for bringing some fun and if you want an extra hand in the whole peace thingy, even though I'm not a big public dude or anything, I can help and I'd like to help.

/Oh and folks, War is fun. Stop whining so much about this alliance or that and fracking ENJOY the happy fun time. Please?



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Yep I agree, thanks Grub for making TOP look like such hypocrites. Endless hailing for keeping up the standards of the community, and than they turn around and declare without a shred of evidence. In fact CnG had people on both sides of the war and it would be more reasonable to conclude they would have remained neutral. So yeah, them standards of the community and stuff are really high on TOP's agenda.. Irony :wub:.

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Lenex, that's possibly the most stupid thing anyone has said throughout the course of this war, there is no doubt in anyone's mind CnG would have joined the m/ side of the war had it been allowed to evolve without the NpO peace occurrence.

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Lenex, that's possibly the most stupid thing anyone has said throughout the course of this war, there is no doubt in anyone's mind CnG would have joined the m/ side of the war had it been allowed to evolve without the NpO peace occurrence.

That sir, is called paranoia. How can you conclude they would have joined \m/'s side of the war when they had just as many treaties to NpO's side of the war? Yes, there were hateful things coming from the MK camp to NpO, and for good reason. MK did not like being put into the position that they were being put into, have you seen the treaty cancelled yet? No. Will it get cancelled? Most likely, but the fact is, it is pure paranoia and pure speculation on your part with no tangible evidence to conclude that they would have joined \m/'s side of the war just because you say they would have. TOP and IRON should have stayed neutral and they wouldn't have had to worry about it.

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I hope for white peace all around. (Except maybe for TOP, although I don't believe they need to be punished badly.) There are so many conflicts of interest everywhere, and nobody is going to appreciate seeing their allies subject their other allies to reparations, treaty cancellations, et cetera.

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I really hated this war at first, because two of our oldest friends (STA-CSN) were at war and we didn't have a clear side. But now that it's devolved into more or less arbitrary destruction all around, this war has won me over. TOP and MK both have put their egos on the line with the talk about never surrendering, and given the ANS, nukes, and warchests between them, this really has potential. One "side" has a clear advantage, but how can you bet against a nihilistic TOP?

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