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On End Game Terms




There has been talk of forcing alliances to disband. Let me clarify something. A lot of this talk comes from casual, non-gov members and government members who believe they have an effect on the outcome of this war. I will personally and publicly speak out against anyone calling for the disbandment of an alliance.

Why on Earth would you do such a thing? A lot of us have fought against the idea that the one who wins the game has a right to attack our sovereignty. And there is no "karma" about it. You just don't do it. A friend of mine who no longer enjoys the friendly atmosphere and good sportsmanship of CyberNations is absolutely appalled that Karma didn't force the Pacific Order to disband. They called themselves Karma, why did they not take their name more literally?

Karma was just a bad moniker. I think we all know that. But "I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Not Going to Take It Anymore" is a great reference, but a poor coalition name. And there are a handful of alliances who gave Karma a terrible name for wanting to enforce harsh terms and force alliances to disband. It's atrocious that someone would stoop to that level.

To my allies: I have faith that you won't bring yourselves down to the level you fought so hard against so long ago.

To those fighting in defense of my allies: Don't use this war to extract reparations from alliances you dislike. You shame yourselves and those you fought for when you do.



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As a member of Echelon, I was certainly witness to some of this stuff, I remember us paying something like 34k tech and 300 mil when we were a 50 member alliance. Sure, we weren't a bunch of angels in our efforts in the past, but its always to note that two wrongs don't make a right.

Often, grudges in anything, and specifically in cybernations, run in cycles. I can say that because of the behavior of certain alliances in the Karma war, we in Echelon have developed grudges against alliances that otherwise we had been more or less indifferent to. Its a cycle of violence, and until you stop the cycle, its a continuing losing effort for all parties involved on the long-run. There is a distinct difference between justice and retribution, and when you make retribution your primary effort, it sometimes comes back to bite you once more.

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Mundokiir: Good piece, and I'm finding myself agreeing. The Karma coalition wasn't on the same page from day one, and it showed. Some alliances felt that an eye for an eye would be fitting punishment, while others wanted to get their licks in and call it even. Totally agreed about the Karma moniker, BTW. Payback would have been a much better name.

MP: As a member of GOD, I remember the time Echelon turned down moderately difficult terms, and proceeded to continue to fight for more than two weeks. They then whined that the terms weren't reduced because they chose to keep fighting. If you had been more or less indifferent to those alliances before the Karma War, they wouldn't have felt the need to put a metaphorical bootheel in Echelon's face.

Frankly, wanting an alliance to disband is stupid. It's a lot easier to keep track of who doesn't like you when they're in the same alliance as always.

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Aloop, as far as those terms went, we we're primarily holding out for better terms. The only thing that we had serious objections to, and that was the deal-breaker was the 1k tech term. I don't believe it was so much we turned them down as Xiphosis said take them or eternal war, its our choice, he didn't care. Rather then agreeing to something that was something we didn't feel was in our best interests, we did what we could, tried to work to get the 1k tech clause removed, however eventually we recognized that it was that or eternal war, accepted the terms with the 1k tech clause (although most of the alliances opted to not hold us to it.) As for 'indifference', quite frankly before the war I don't think a single member of the Echelon government cared about or held a grudge against GOD. While we we may have had had dealings in the past, but that doesn't mean that we had something against you as much as you had something against us.

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I knew I liked you for a reason, Mundokiir ;)

I think the concept of forcing an alliance to disband is incredibly damaging to the community. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the NoV-Continuum war because of that, even though I had only been playing for a little under two months at the time.

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