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War break




Since I have joined the MHA things are going very well for me. I like their program for tech, they are a bit off on their trade circles ability, but over all a very good alliance to be a part of.

I love this war that we are having with the IRON alliance. To me, the whole reason why this war broke out in the first place seem to be for a very stupid cause. IRON is all piss off because \m/ alliance made some racist commends to one of the IRON leaders.. When it comes to the web morals and how society runs now these days, I fine the racist comment a poor choice in judgment, and at the same time a no big deal. But sense people are hungry for war, and everybody is looking for an excuse to start that war; saying anything stupid would get you into trouble.

After \m/ made its poor comments, they apologize to the IRON after I think they made several first attack; in rage.

Like I said this war is very stupid.. Two alliances are fighting each other due to bad comments and poor choice in words. I remember see the days to where most alliances just fight each other because of their dislikes toward one another, and they would just build up their armies, and then one of them would just throw the first punch.

I'm sure that every war made in CN is started by someone who is full of ego, and makes a huge careless comment, that insults the other alliance. But this war and like other should end well, even after starting out on a really bad note.

Beside all of the mock politics, and social networking drama, that run a fiasco in this game; the war goes well for me.

Details in the next blog will be posted



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