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The Beginning

Mr Rosenberger



Everyone has a different story of how they found Cybernations, and how they began to enjoy it. Through my time here I have discovered many people have found this game the same way I have, but maybe they took a few different stops or paths on the way to this great game. Here is my story.

It was summer after my Senior year in High School and I wanted to actually get into a game online. After searching using Google I found a game called Nation-States. I was pleased that you could customize your nation, get into alliances and get involved politically. Probably a few weeks after playing that game I got a message from a random nation in NS that told me to try out Cybernations so I worked my way over here and signed up. After seeing all the stuff I had to do with this nation I was a little worried I wouldn't be interested in playing the game, after all I was a newbie. I created my nation, didn't know what I was doing and re-rolled and got the nation that I have right now. I immediately received messages from any alliances around at that time and it was a hard choice on which alliance to join.

Ragnarok was the first alliance to message me, therefore they were the first alliance I checked out. I went on their forums and talked to the member who sent me the recruitment message. Something about them really didn't please me, so I continued reading through the messages. I went through many before I came to The Order of Light's message from "Vurgas Luhaka" (sp?). He helped me get all the information I needed and I was brought to their forums. I got help registering, posting an application, and getting into the TOOL Academy. I never saw so many people willing to help out a new comer as much as they did in TOOL. There was always one on one assistance and everyone would give you an answer on what you were looking for, brilliant set up there.

Shortly after my graduation from the TOOL Academy I joined in on the Institute for Advanced Study. There any in depth details about my nation and CN could be answered, and I was aided to develop my nation. During my stay in IAS I got involved in the TOOL Times. I remember my first real article was shared with a fellow newb about a war called "The BAA War" if anyone remembers its a super micro alliance called "The Baltic Annex Alliance". They basically said they were going to take on TOOL, they had friends in high places, and TOOL would meet their doom. It took us a while to decipher what they were saying through messages due to their bad grammar, and misspellings.

After getting to know people, and getting myself into multiple duties I decided to run for TOOL Council. My first month running and I was inducted into Council. It was a great honor to be a part of a government team that had helped me and my nation, and to expand my knowledge of the game. As well as Council I became active as a Regiment Lieutenant, TOOL Times Editor, active Diplomat, and Jeremel Diplomat (Diplomat to Protectorates and Allies of TOOL). Eventually I made my way to perma Gov where I became TOOL's Hand of Internal Affairs. I really enjoyed working with the previous HoIA, and doing activities to strengthen the IA of TOOL. However, shortly after that promotion I had a change and thought it would be best to venture off and create my own, start a new adventure.

With a few friends we were going start an alliance called "Gotham" a batman themed alliance, but due to difficulties and conflicting ideas the plan was shut down. Later, another friend and I decided to build New Era. We received protection with The Order of Light and began our growth. A few months later we decided to drop protection with TOOL and switch to a different direction. We sought protection from NATO, they helped us out greatly and were a great support in our efforts. However, only weeks after declaring our new Protectors we merged into NATO due to deep inactivity, although we continued to rapidly grow.

I remained a member in NATO until I decided to go back home to TOOL, but TOOL wasn't like it was before. Maybe because of a different core membership, or because I made many mistakes during my first rule of New Era, I made some people question my personality and the respect they had for me. After realizing I couldn't live in TOOL I decided to join an old friends alliance called Death Before Dishonor. While in TOOL I was the "unofficial" Diplomat to GRAN where I met Aryan83 and TheWife, not the leaders of GRAN but great members and friends. I went into DB4D as a member, but decided to help out with their IA and Finances and set up a system for them to grow with Tech Deals, and more. But, the call of New Era was ringing and I had to go get prepared.

The "new" New Era, was Declared into Existence on December 20th, 2009. Our protection was declared shortly after our DoE by NATO. We chose NATO for their great loyalty for protectorates, and the great support they bring along with it. Without NATO we wouldn't be who we are today.

Currently, New Era has grown 220K Alliance Strength in the period of about a month. We have been focusing on overall growth for each nation in New Era that is interested, and promoting tech deals and active Trade Circles on our color sphere as well as others. We are Aqua however, and we do promote TC's on Aqua Primarily. We have only activated one treaty with our friends in Death Before Dishonor, a PIAT.

- - -

There is a brief history to present story of my CN Life. Of course there are many details that have been left out, but I would say my CN life compares to my RL life. A lot of things I learn from CN I use in my RL, and vice versa. Although this is just a game, once you get into politics and morality of it, the same morals and politics can be found right outside your front door in RL.

Thank You for Reading, Expect more from me and New Era about our growth and hurdles as we live in Planet Bob.


Chief Executive of New Era

New Era's Forums

New Era's Wiki

New Era's Alliance Stats



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