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War Declaration Web 2.0

Seipher Caim



Ok... Time to reset the counter...

After an epic night and update, we know have new fronts, new peaces, new traps. On a personal note, if all this was orchestrated, there is only thing to say "Brilliant"... The best sentence i heard so far was "And some said that NPO was evil ? look at that..."

But here is the new war web... without our dear \m/ and PC (Polaris is still in due to a few wars that have not yet been peaced... Stickmen, I salute you).


So what's new ?

- Clearly there was a traditional counter attack mechanism (on TFD and Genesis for example and most of Purple).

- The new front is located here on the left (with TOP/IRON and CnG). Will be interesting to see how the other wars get peaced.

- I dont have the numbers and the wiki no more but it should be interesting to see... Advantages to blue ?

- Speaking of colors, I dont know if the dichotomy between red (\m/oralists) versus blue (polarists) is still relevant.. but hey, for simplicity sake, i'll keep it...

Any thoughts, comments ?

Edit for later use:

UINE, tLW, Gondor, The Brain, TCU, Solidarity reached White PEACE. (But Nemesis still here right ?)




Recommended Comments

Very nice, what do you use to generate the web? Or did you do it by hand?

Network softwares ! UCINET 6 for the math and NETDRAW for graphics...

I wont bother you with centrality measures an others numbers...

And I agree for the new color.... i'll add this feature in the next update.

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