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Putting Perspective




I've been here nearly two years and this place has taught me to see what I see in myself and others, that we're all human.

I see the same mistakes made over and over. And I always end up with the same question: how do we avoid making the same mistakes again? How many allowances are we allowed? Will we regret one choice that we made forever?

So many debates arise on OWF, so many twists, so many situations. Some have so many similarities and the only difference between them is the people is involved. But how do you avoid being a hypocrite when it is a matter of perspective? We all argue these small details that make the difference to us. We all choose our friends and those who we agree with.

We naturally align with those we consider to be along the same path of thinking and thus trail in groups and that is how humans think as well. We may make something acceptable for our friends to do that we wouldn't think twice about bringing an enemy down for. It is really a cycle of things in this, and I can't help but wonder things that we're arguing on OWF today, if in a year, another situation comes up similar and we're on the opposite sides and we find ourselves arguing why it is acceptable in that instance.

Do the rules always get bent? It seems easy to become lost. I try to keep to my principles, I know all alliances have some core set of beliefs. We may think mockeries of some alliances, but they all have their own beliefs, some reason why they stick to each other and they stick to that, whether others agree with it or not.

And I can't say that is necessarily the wrong thing because it is all a matter of perspective. Right or wrong? That is something society made. That is why there is so many differences of opinion on here and I can't say any of them are necessarily wrong to do. There is no set standard, the culture value is determined by the majority believe or the most vocal voice.

So in the end, we all may end up arguing the sides or justifying something we wouldn't a year ago because people change. Our understanding of things change, no one is set in stone. We're always learning, circumstances are always changing. I'm not the same person I was a year and a half ago and I doubt you are either.

And with time comes change and it always will. It is just a question of whether our values will change with it or not.



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