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We do not yet know. It would seem that the confusion is shared amongst others, as well. Patience will win out. Our reign today has been light, and not so terribly difficult. Religion and Government forms were artificially changed for the impressions upon our people. We are continuously concerned about the environment of our nation, with radiation levels becoming nearly unbearable. Thankfully, a war bunker was in place long before our arrival. Yet, necessity requires us to remove to the summer Capitol of Salerno for some days in an attempt to clear the air, as it were. With a skelton staff remaining behind, we have effected our move successfully today.

We now wait for Phase III, and then IAS. I am learning more about the game through the fair auspices of the TOOL Alliance than I could ever have gathered on my own.We are grateful for the help, and proud we have chosen wisely for our alliance. One of the cardinal rules of Monarchy is that flexibility must always be the first key to any plan of governance. And, the second is like unto it: It is the smallest detail that fells rulers and nations. These lessons are being carefully imprinted into our brain now. They will be well-learned. Tomorrow will see a new dawn for Merlinus, as the people are happier with a slightly lower (25%) tax rate than in recent days. We wish to complete the trade circle with Mistress Sara, and begin the arduous task of instigating foreign aid negotiations.

The Order of Light (TOOL) has been a very welcome alliance to us since our arrival. We do look forward to a very long and prosperous affiliation with this powerful group. We are most appreciative for the assistance received thus far, and can only hope that we will someday be of like assistance to those yet to come into the alliance. Today, we have hope.




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