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Notes On Time




Upon returning from my 3 month hiatus, I immediately found myself bombarded with queries and friends of old all full of different pieces of information eager to share their knowledge with a person they trusted. I was just flat out shocked by all that had changed, the things that had been done, the people I had once known it was all hitting me at once all of a sudden.

It all brought me back 3 months earlier to when I was on the verge of total boredom with the game due to percieved lack of change. The game seemed so slow and nothing was different from the mnonth before or the month before that. I had become so focused on the large scheme of things, as so many of us do, that I was completely oblivious to the small changes constantly occuring all around me. The community is always changing, IC and OCC, and those who don't realise that and complain of stagnation really don't know the real value of this game.

The change is just so gradual over the time that it seems like its at standstill, but it really requires a break fromm the game to give you perspective of what really matters in this game and how it is always changing whether you realize or not. Hopefully this message will rub off on some people, just something interesting I thought Id share with everyone.

Also, expect Rhymes with Orange to recieve much more activity in the coming weeks. I have a huge tank full of ideas and information I would love to share with you all.


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