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Time Brings Understanding




I look back over a year of being TOOL's Hand of Foreign Affairs, I look back on being a member of TOOL for nearly 2 years, I look back on being government for nearly two years and I see how old TOOL is, with recently having celebrated our third anniversary.

I also look to my RL and I see the transition looming before my face, that transition one makes from teenagehood to college, to independence. It is looming in my face as well. I look back at all of it can can only see..

There is a story waiting to be told they say,

They say that you have so much potential.

So much yet to achieve as if you haven't done enough,

They say it is waiting unfurl, it is just there beneath the surface,

What does that say? That story yet untold?

But don't they see those lines that have been written?

The lines that are foretold in bright colors,

Beautifully written in a flowing script,

It never ends and it is always being added to,

How is my story untold?

When it is clearly before them written,

In the process of being told,

Never ending and always being added to, adjusted,

New twists, plots and beauty added every single day,

So how can they say we haven't reached our full potential?

That our story is yet unwritten?

The lines say otherwise,

The pen constantly moving,

The ink laying across the pen drying,

No, our potential is being reached every single moment,

They're wrong, the story is not yet untold,

It is being told in every single action and every single word,

We have reached it and are reaching it,

We just haven't let them read the story yet,

The ending isn't here, so they don't know that our plot is here,

Our potential is already reached.

The story is never told, it is always a work in progress and always will be until that last drying ink pen dies out with a final breath.



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Ahhh yes, that time between the end of high school and the start of your university career. I remember that vividly. Its a time to be with old friends and steel one's mind for the challenges ahead. Its a time to be with family and, yet, look forward to the new relationships you'll build -- many of which will define you for years to come.

Your college years are, of course, the best years of your life (better than high school, IMO). Take everything you can from them so when you look back, you can say, "Hey, I took great advantage of this and I am happy to have done it."


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I remember having an IRC discussion with you about that poem a while back. :) Anyway, I'm rooting for ya in your transition period. It was an incredibly hard time for me, and having the French Immersion Incident happen that summer didn't help at all. :P

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