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The TOOL World of Trade, Resources and Foreign (tech)




We have endeavored to succeed in Phase II of the Academy, yet we feel ourself lacking in the understanding of things of the trade variety. This alliance has it's own very strict rules of trade, both for tech and for resources. I need a harbor, an FA, and a bank. I need to establish one more trade circle for my fourth slot. 3 of 4 are active, but that last one eludes us for some reason. Patience. I see where those joining the Alliance after I did are already full in there resource trade slots. Right now, I'm not being particular too much about what to trade, but we are certain to trade only within the alliance, for now. Wars are waged around us, and we know not who is friend or foe. Confusing. We have submitted the Phase II documents, and pray they will be acted upon favorably. I have to begin Foreign Trade as quickly as possible, for TOOL to be mighty! We are very pleased to be with this alliance, and look forward positively to a long a lustrous relationship within the Alliance.

Senate seats are being claimed, yet I am still such a recent regal, I am unsure of world affairs. I cannot even figure out my own subjects at this point. Yes, we are confused. But, we do progress forward at our best rate, with all hopes of bringing glory and honor to the Alliance.




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