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After somedowntime, during which I hope our players got some fresh air and sunlight, we're back! Cooler and better than ever before!The Senior Staff is however really upset at having to learn a "new" ACP after just getting used to the last one.

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I'm afraid you have to take up any complaints about the skin with the big guy himself. But he did leave a small opening for maybe changing the skin in the future.

But first we're trying to make sure that everything works as we want it to.

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My initial reaction to the layout is one of disappointment ........ but I'm sure we'll ALL get used to it pretty soon.

On the "styling quotes" issue - I believe the confusion is on historical posts only- the quotes made today are fine !

My MAIN reason for commenting here If this was a planned upgrade,

Why, was no prior warning given to members ?• Why, did it take so long ?

Why, was there no more information posted other than Oops this link appears to be broken!

• .... or, at best, p3271987.png

• .... even when trying to access the in-game link to here ???

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Im using windows 2000 professional... and i guess its my old computer but im missing many parts of the visual when i view the OWF... no avatars... no +/- feature... no alliance info?

Try installing the latest version of Firefox for that, or at least upgrade to Windows XP if you can. I would try Firefox first because its free.

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fresh air and sunlight wat is that? everyone complained on irc about not having forums. i for one like the new forums thank-you!

Lol, so true. CN goes mad when the forums cannot be used.

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