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The Tool Academy




We are progressing well, but not as fast as we might wish, through the TOOL Academy. Phase I went well, and swiftly passed. Now the Phase II studies are definitely ramping up, and taxing our brain as we struggle with our first trade. The first Trade Agreement has been inked, and is with the nation of Deutch Valkyrie by its Monarch harold1022pc. As HRH has ruled only one day, I find myself in the senior position, yet have been taught by one newer to this role than myself.

The first goal is the successful completion of the TOOL Academy, then immediately followed by TOOL's IAS. I do look forward to both. The subjects are in love with me today, despite the advanced taxation rate I was sadly forced by conditions I found upon my arrival. Yet, with the increased cattle and iron made available through the favorable trade agreement today, I look forward to continued population growth and land acquisitions.

Things are in a flurry here in Merlinus, yet it seems as though progress, though somewhat difficult, are satisfactory. My reign celebrates it's 14-day anniversary today. Despite what that might at first appear to express, I am pleased. One could say that even survival for this short time is a definitive step forward; perhaps even a victory of sorts.

Tomorrow, a full day is required for attending to the kingdom. That is enough.




Recommended Comments

We are pleased to make the acquaintance of Willem of Willems! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. We are pleased to be a TOOL candidate, and our Kingdom's doors are always open to her nations and allies. I hope to be worthy of becoming a total TOOL before long, after IAS. Good luck on your journey!


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