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The Amazing Sanction Race - Year-End Update





Statistics for the Sanction Race's Year-End Update are located here on CN Forums. The following is added commentary and explanations for a number of the alliance awards.

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Most Successful Alliance of 2009 - Global Alliance and Treaty Organization

From holding a measly seven and a half points a year ago, the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization has gained over 18 points in the past 12 months, and has increased in score nearly threefold during 2009, to become the strongest alliance not to have held a sanction this year. This alliance's growth has been steady, surpassing 16 points in early July and continuing to gain a point and a half on average since then. If their growth keeps up, watch for these guys to steal someone's bold tags in 2010.

First Runner Up: Federation of Armed Nations

Being stuck with nations in peace mode and with low nation strength for most of 2008, the Federation of Armed Nations finally managed to resume its growth in May of this year, when the Karma War was all but decided. Sitting at only four points at the beginning of that war, this alliance has quadrupled its score in only eight months, shattering records for most consecutive days without a loss and consistently gaining more than a point and a half every thirty days. I'd certainly name them the most successful alliance of the latter half of this year, and had they been able to continue this trend in the first half of 2009, they likely would've won this award.

Second Runner Up: New Polar Order

Taking an alliance from 12th place up to 2nd in less than a year is no easy feat, even when a global war intervenes, but the New Polar Order managed to do it. Continuing its staggering growth from the latter half of 2008, this alliance was not only the sole sanctioned alliance to come anywhere close to doubling its score, but gained by far more score than any other alliance on the planet. Definitely the most successful sanctioned alliance of the year, and would've been in the running for the top spot had their percentage gains been higher.

Honourable Mention: Siberian Tiger Alliance

Like many alliances, 2008 was a tough year for the Siberian Tiger Alliance, but they managed to flourish in 2009. This alliance has long been present in the bottom end of the sanction race, but I had no idea how small they'd been only twelve months ago. Gaining on average one point per month, every month during 2009, this alliance has managed to triple its score - something not easily accomplished without a plethora of skill, willpower, and determination.

Honourable Mention: New Sith Order

Gaining more score than all but four alliances, the New Sith Order has been very successful during the first ten months of its life. Founded in March of this year, this alliance grew very quickly after its birth, surpassing eight points in less than ten days. Its growth since then has been less staggering but still significant: doubling in score in the past ten months, gaining just less than a point every thirty days. Certainly the most successful alliance of March, or possibly even of the first half of the year, but we'd need to see a more consistant effort over the entire year for you to win this prize.

A quick note about Athens: Their stats for 2009 appear to be quite impressive; nearly 15 points gained and triple the size they used to be. However, half of this gain came from their merger with The Dark Evolution early this year, which - in my mind, at least - discounts the achievement that these stats would signify. Had this gain been pure growth and not merger-based, this alliance likely would've made the top five.

---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

Least Successful Alliance of 2009 - The Phoenix Federation

Having solidly held a sanction at the start of this year, The Phoenix Federation took a nasty beating during the Karma War, and has lost nearly 70% of its score in 2009 to become only a distant memory within the Sanction Race. The current war in which they find themselves has only cost them even more, and cemented an already likely receipt for this undesirable distinction.

First Runner Up: Multicolored Cross-X Alliance

This alliance had started off having a rough year, as the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance saw the sudden departure of many of its active members and top government officials. Being on the losing end of the Karma War certainly didn't help matters either, and by year's end, this alliance saw itself losing more score than all but one alliance, and down nearly 60% from where it was twelve months ago. After receiving awards for its growth in both 2007 and 2008, 2009 will not be one that this alliance looks upon fondly.

Second Runner Up: New Pacific Order

This year was the year where the New Pacific Order finally saw its power broken; the Karma War saw this alliance descend from first place to briefly fall out of a sanction, even if they have topped 8th place in recent months. The bigger they are, the harder they fall; a proverb which results in this alliance still remaining under surrender terms some eight months after war began, with the end still being a long way away. It's a safe bet that 2009 will not be remembered as the Year of Pacifica.

Honourable Mention: Echelon

Starting off this year as a member of One Vision and knocking on the door for a sanction, Echelon was slammed off its pedestal by the Karma War, losing two-thirds of its score by year's end - a larger percentage than all but one alliance - and nearly all of the diplomatic clout which it enjoyed twelve months ago.

Honourable Mention: Grand Global Alliance

In a similar story to the one above, the Grand Global Alliance began 2009 in a statistically and diplomatically lucrative position. The Karma War changed all that, causing this alliance to lose nearly fourteen points and 60% of its total score from a year ago. It may be regaining some of its influence on the diplomatic front, but this is yet another alliance who would probably want to return to the beginning of 2009.



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