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Hoo is the Greatest Leader in CN




The following logs are based on True Events. This is entertainment speak for something that never actually happened, but doesn't break any known laws of physics and would sell better as a form of media if it had. Plus, it'd be totally awesome if it was real, so everyone should be able to pretend it is.

*** Delta1212[RIA] joined #Cupcakery

*Delta1212[RIA] slaps Big_Z[GOD] around a bit with a large trout

<Delta1212[RIA]> Z, I have some questions about the political landscape

<Big_Z[GOD]> hm?

<Delta1212[RIA]> I was just thinking, I should really know who all the major players are

<Delta1212[RIA]> It seems kind of important. Could you tell me?

<Big_Z[GOD]> Well, Hoo is the Greatest Leader in CN and-

<Delta1212[RIA]> That's what I want to know

<Big_Z[GOD]> what?

<Delta1212[RIA]> Who's the Greatest Leader in CN?

<Big_Z[GOD]> Yes

<Delta1212[RIA]> Who is?

<Big_Z[GOD]> Of course

<Delta1212[RIA]> No, I want to know the name of the Great Leader in CN

<Big_Z[GOD]> Hoo

<Delta1212[RIA]> What are you asking me for?

<Big_Z[GOD]> I'm not asking you. I'm telling you.

<Big_Z[GOD]> Hoo is the Greatest Leader in CN

<Delta1212[RIA]> Ok, look. Hold on.

<Delta1212[RIA]> Let's say I was having a diplomatic problem

<Big_Z[GOD]> Ok

<Delta1212[RIA]> And I want the help of the Great Leader in CN

<Big_Z[GOD]> Alright

<Delta1212[RIA]> Now, I would go talk to... who?

<Big_Z[GOD]> Naturally

<Delta1212[RIA]> Naturally?

<Big_Z[GOD]> Naturally

<Delta1212[RIA]> Ok, so I go talk to naturally

<Big_Z[GOD]> No, no, no. You talk to Hoo

<Delta1212[RIA]> Naturally?

<Big_Z[GOD]> Naturally

<Delta1212[RIA]> So like I was saying, I go to Naturally

*Big_Z[GOD] facepalms

<Big_Z[GOD]> No, you talk to Hoo!

*** Big_Z[GOD] was kicked by Delta1212[RIA] (Hoo is the Greatest Leaer in CN)

All similarities to potentially copyrighted works are entirely coincidental and the author of this blog should really not be sued.



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