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Friendship between nations



As I've stated already, 'friendship' is not a concept adopted by nations between one another. One nation's population can have a favorable opinion of another nation's population, but in no case does this justify entry into a nuclear war...not without lines having been drawn. Your 'no line' policy goes against established policies, sure enough, but it doesn't make sense when put into context.

This is absolute nonsense.

There are plenty of real-world examples of friendship between nations without a treaty. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_of_Friendship_of_Nations http://www.allacademic.com//meta/p_mla_apa...58/p39958-1.php http://www.allacademic.com//meta/p_mla_apa...6/p252366-1.php

Please... do a little reading before accusing people of making up terms.

There's some academic controversy over this topic, but there's clearly support for the idea of friendship between nations as a principle of political philosophy.


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