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Quotes of DOOM! volume 5




All they have to do is cross the Bering Strait. And Russia will help them do that. Plus, airplanes. They'll come over in airplanes and drop out of the sky. I've seen it happen in a dream. It's coming I tell you, and I'd rather we have a Navy to protect us since they can only get so many over in planes. But boats will come. Fishing boats, cargo ships. Every ship they own. That's why we need the navy. There just aren't enough Americans to kill one billion armed Chinese with Russia and Latin American assistance. Cuba hates us you know, and I am not so sure about Nicaragua or Venezuela either. Then there's Iran and the Middle East. We have a lot of enemies you know.

This is terrible and not even slightly funny. Take your medication.
Nothing wrong with Canadians. It's Kenadians you need to watch out for.
I find forcing myself to care about the TPF conflict painful.
I find myself sympathizing with TPF. It makes me feel ill.


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