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Out of about 36 months of playing this game, I've played about 30 of them in Government and 20 of them as the Head of State or Head of Government of an alliance - as a Triumvir, no less. I've never started my own alliance; I've worked my way up through the ranks like an entry-level clerk rising through a company to become one of the directors. 10 months in the TAB trying to kick-start its heart and another 10 in my beloved MHA guiding us through bitter struggles, external conflicts and activity slumps to come ahead as the No. 2 alliance on Bob has been an honor and a privilege. I want to thank each and every Hitchhiker and TABbie alike for making my extraordinarily long tenure in Government so enjoyable. Particular shoutouts go to Jm0406, Count Rupert, Sorum, Floyd, WCR, Pudge1975, Denzin (RIP), Tiberivs, Commander John, jerdge (even...a particular Mr. J. Diorno) and so very many others from alliances past and present that would take me forever to type out. Now that I'm putting myself out to pasture, I hope to enjoy a well earned rest.

Its time for someone else to have a go.



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A little late to reply to this, but thanks for the long service. And I hope that there are no hard feelings about endorsing Myth over you for Trium that one time. I was kind of distraught over how MHA handled itself in the Karma War, and I desperately was looking to shake things up in our gov. But you and your cohort did a great job, and things are going well. Thanks again.

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