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Woe in DC...for now

Goofy Goober



Woe in DC...for now.

The Redskins are horrible. With a 10 point loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, they have cemented themselves as one of the worst teams in the league and completely out of playoff contention. I just cant see how anyone can blame Zorn for all the woes...the Redskins problems start at the top.

Dan Snyder, the owner, is horrible. He pays 100,000,000 dollars for a defensive tackle who doesnt play half the snaps in the season, and uses no money to revamp an offensive line ravaged by age and injury. Clinton Portis didnt go from 1,500 yards to absolutely no production this year by himself. Jason Campbell didnt go from MVP of the NFL for the first half of the year to 100 passing yards a game by himself. The makeshift offensive line is horrendous. Dan Snyder needs to hire a powerful General Manager so he can leave the football stuff to the football guys. He needs to make an effort to resign Jason Campbell if Campbell is willing to take a cheap contract. He needs to draft some young offensive linemen and a breakaway running back.

The Redskins may not win another game this year, and us hardcore Skins fans dont deserve this.

But maybe there is a positive side in the city of DC.

Basketball season tips off tonight, and Gilbert Arenas, AKA Agent Zero is back to crush Lebron and lead the Washington Wizards to the holy land.

In hockey, 2 time reigning MVP Alexander Oveckin is getting the Capitals pumped to crush Sid the Kid and Malkin in the playoffs.

So fear not, the people of DC. We will have out glory!



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