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Colony Politics and the advent of mandible-based warfare

Arcturus Jefferson



Mood: thoughtful

Rebuilding has been going well. It's tiring but satisfying, knowing that I'm doing my part for the colony in building a lasting society for our posterity.

Anyway, while we were working, I was talking with #729 about inter-colonial politics. For instance, relations with the fire ants have always been tense at best. Why can't we get along? Like that funny striped thing in one of the tunnels. He's weird, but he means well and he hasn't bit anyone.

So one thing we came up with was the idea of a "mutual colony defense agreement". And end to ant-on-ant violence. One that would last in perpetuity. We'd work together to build bigger and better nests, while fighting off those eight-legged horrors.

And that led to a brisk discussion of defense. #729 thinks we should just chew up anything that attacks us. That's barbaric! Think of the grubs! I'm currently trying to figure out an alternative, and would welcome input on what to do, readers!



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