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Why I made Carthage




We all play this game for different reasons. There really isn't a correct way to play the game, though we've developed a very defined form of etiquette on Planet Bob. For example, the more nation strength your alliance has the more relevance and respect you seemed to get. And sometimes, nation stats gives some the God-given right to avoid using manners when talking to "lesser" peoples within this game.

When I created Soldier, I had this dream of being at the top. That's why I invested so much into the name and advertisements, I wanted people to join us and for us to be big in NS and influence. I worked very hard to make Soldier large, I recruited like mad and found the alliance swelling. However, it was a false NS. What I mean by that is that it wasn't an accurate representation of how strong my alliance truly was. All I wanted to do was inflate my NS so people would look at us and see that we had relevance and strength on top of pride and commitment. When large nations, or any nations, left my alliance, I'd be very distraught and sad. Because to me, although I loved my alliance mates very dearly, the desire to become a strong alliance and a respected leader burned within me fervently. All of a sudden this game wasn't fun, it was just a mission. And why play a game if it wasn't fun?

War loomed and I got news of it from numerous sources, all of them saying something different. I was trying to get my alliance ready for war, however two key government members left on the even of the war because they couldn't fight for TPF. There was fighting in the government channel and I then realized how weak internally my alliance was. I no longer felt like an adequate leader and didn't want Soldier to go into a fight the Hegemony was unwilling to be thrust into. Stumpy and other Karma persona's queried me asking why we didn't' fight, so I felt pressured to take matters into my own hands. I found out mhawk was leaving TPF to fight for the NPO, so I joined him. Later that night Shurukian did as well and we created what was known as, "Elysium 2.0." I took on 6 fighters but got news Soldier was going in anyway under magicninja. I wanted to re-join Soldier and help them fight however due to me fighting the likes of The International and the Viridian Entente, by the way the fighters I fought said they'd never seen a person so hard to anarchy before, sorry for the bragging :awesome: . When my wars finally ended I realized Soldier had pulled out, they had a great military showing btw very proud of them, and decided to fight it out in TSI. I joined them and planned to come out of peace to help them fight when I was ready again however on the night I was about to hit RAD nations, we had declared peace.

I was content, though not happy, in TSI and wanted to go back to Soldier due to their inner turmoil. I re-joined them but then realized they were going into a different FA direction and had been faltering due to lack of leadership. I then knew I decided to go with a quick death instead of endure the pains with my alliance and I apologize to those who were in Soldier- it was a mistake.

While I was in TSI I met really cool people and I realized the alliance didn't really have a place for me. So I left for an alliance I've always admired in Zenith. I told myself if I can't make my stay in Zenith work, I should just quit. Zenith was great and probably the most professional alliance I've ever been in, however I found myself becoming bored with the game in general and just wanted to quit. So I decided to leave when I realized I had one last blueprint for an alliance named Carthage.

I decided to create it and joined the Peace and Love Train. I grew it with just my own nation and had no help from the outside. Through recruitment and hard work I managed to make Carthage into what it is today. I've recruited many great members and they'll forever by the backbone of what is Carthage. I'm not pressed to be sanctioned or gain relevance on Planet Bob. I'm content with just having fun and chilling out with the nations I have. If the alliance grows to be strong and powerful? That will only be a plus. But it'll never be the main reason why I made Carthage.

I guess it's a matter of maturity in this game. A miserable king who rules the world will never be as comforted as a happy and hard working peasant.


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TheAUT, you are a true and righteous leader of CN. I'm glad to see you stuck around and started Carthage.

You made a very good point about "false NS." Of course, NS is important, it is one of the most persuasive levers for one's might in the game. But that is secondary to internal cohesion. What makes an alliance succeed, imo, is the strength of the bonds within.

No matter how large an alliance is, if the internal is weak, it can be split in half or dissolved altogether. There seems to be a balance between FA, IA, and NS that is needed to be successful.

If nothing can break the willpower of a group of friends then they can only be momentarily halted, never defeated. Victory comes from within.

And, the mark of a good leader, I think, is the ability to learn from the past. Their own and others. It's those that refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions who never learn.

Anyway, great read, and some interesting history.

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