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Quotes of DOOM! volume 3




Say something epic that I can quote that isn't what Ken already sigged. It has to be better than IAA attack squads. :<
Stop asking for good quotes. That's like getting a $20 hooker to give you a good time.
One of my teachers was writing crap up on the whiteboard for her Biology class, and was supposed to write "Nucleic Aids", but made a typo. Instead of Nucleic Aids, it read Nuclear AIDs. I mean, AIDs is bad enough, but now you emit radiation? That's gotta suck, and it's also modestly hilarious, in my opinion.
I have come to several realizations about myself and this game. Firstly, loyalty is key, second, I suck at this game.
I knew it! All gay people are agents of dolphins, who are trying to convert all of humanity to homosexuality so that we no longer reproduce. When humans go extinct, the dolphins shall rise from the seas and claim their place as the dominant species on Earth!
En Volk, Ein Reich, Ein zucker waffel!

one nation, one empire, one sugar waffle!



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