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missing the point? (current war)

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why is 99% of the fun only going to 1% of the gamers?

ive always been bothered by the fact that 99% of the political fun is only had by 1% of the CN population. i understand that certain things like target lists and maybe a few other issues need to be kept secret and held from the masses but why is so much with held? im not trashing any AA or AAs because some people dont mind just growing their nations and blindly following their leaders into the unknown. but i am more of a political player and i know many others are as well. the climate for pe




My thoughts on this on going conflict

i feel C&G/SF and friends have the moral high ground in this conflict no matter what they deem as acceptable to end it. as far as i know they have been offered IToS. until the huge war chests are gone and the threat is neutralized and the blocs show what happens when you attack them to future attackers as well as the current attackers then the war must go on until the defending side no longer feels the attackers are a threat.. aka indefinitely top and friends lost all "rights" when they en



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