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  1. Mithrandir
    Latest Entry

    By Mithrandir,

    With a bug in the forum software preventing us from managing them fixed, sanctioned alliance pips are now restored.


    The following alliances are eligible for pips:


    1. New Pacific Order
    2. Independent Republic Of Orange Nations
    3. CLAWS
    4. New Polar Order
    5. Freehold of The Wolves
    6. Orange Defense Network
    7. Viridian Entente
    8. Green Protection Agency
    9. The Legion
    10. The Dark Templar
    11. Mostly Harmless Alliance
    12. Global Alliance And Treaty Organization


    If one of the above alliances is without a pip, or if you would like the old one to be changed to a different image, please send the new image to @Mithrandir @Otto Pilot @socrates and/or @Sentinel.


    Pip content must abide by the forum rules and the images must be in the .png format with dimensions no larger than 150x50 pixels.

  2. Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Cyber Nations. I always like to look back on history and it seems appropriate to do so today, so here we go.

    I registered the Cyber Nations domain name in 2003 with the hopes of creating a web based nation simulation game but I was unable to come up with a working model and I quickly abandoned the project. I let the domain name sit idle for a year and decided to let it go in 2004 since I couldn't find a use for it. In 2005 my interest was sparked again and so I re-registered the domain name on May 22, 2005 in the hopes to get a game up and running but once again I was unable to lay down any real code structure. Finally on December 24, 2005, during my Christmas break from work, I sat down and really began developing the game. I spent the majority of my Christmas break glued to the computer in hopes to get a working game rolled out by the first of the year before I lost interest in the project for a third time.

    The game was launched on January 6, 2006 with little fan fare and with very few features. The early game was quite buggy with major issues plaguing the entire economic system that originally did not include tax collection or bill payment systems. Other features like the resource and trade agreement system, foreign aid system, national events, nation rankings, government position, improvements, wonders, technology, aircraft, tanks, nuclear weapons, and cruise missiles were added months after the initial release date as the game continued to be a work in progress. The few players who originally discovered the game did so by way of Google AdWords but word quickly got around to other gaming communities and the system began to become overrun as it was originally had only a Microsoft Access database backend and hosted via a shared hosting provider. At that time the community forums also ran on a Microsoft Access database version of Snitz Forums 2000 and it existed as a subfolder on the same shared hosting server as the game.

    During the first couple of weeks the server began returning “Service Unavailable” errors in which numerous attempts were made to resolve. Such attempts included converting the game database to a MS-SQL database (I had just completed an SQL Server course in college during that same month) and moving the community forums to Invision Free, an offsite forum hosting provider. Still the “Service Unavailable” problems persisted and the game was moved to another shared hosting provider but the problem was not finally resolved until the game was moved to its own dedicated server. The game still has it's traffic bottlenecks, that's unavoidable due to the way the game was designed and played, but throughout the years a myriad of dedicated servers have kept the game alive.

    So much has transpired over the years, so many players have come and gone, so many fascinating geopolitics and world wars, so many friends made. I'm amazed that there are nations still in the game that were created the very same month that the Cyber Nations was born, with their tiny 3 digit nation ID's, they've seen it all. Those ancient alliances that were all created during that same month, Global Alliance And Treaty Organization, Orange Defense Network, New Pacific Order, World Task Force, Green Protection Agency, alive and still strong (some stronger than others). As I said before, I never would have imagined that the game would still be around after all these years (heck I always figured it would sputter out after a few months which was evident at the initial lack of planning and hosting infrastructure) and while the game has seen much larger player base populations in the past (at times it was too large imo) I'm happy to see that the game continues to have such a loyal following after so many years. Thank you to everyone who has been part of the journey.

    I leave you with some old relics of the past. This first one is kind of embarrassing given my horrible handwriting (I generally write much better than this, unless I'm in frantic note taking mode). Here I scratched out some thoughts on 3/15/2003. I still chuckle at the question that I posed at the bottom, as I don't believe that one has yet been answered:

    The first logo for the game:

    This is the very first image of the game as I was coding it in December 2005 on the old Compaq monitor that I was so glued to. I'm glad that High Contrast theme did not survive very long.

  3. Haflinger
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    I used to post quite a lot on these forums. There were a few reasons for this; the main one being that early in my CN career I was on the winning side of a couple lopsided wars and found myself bored to tears by them. I decided it would be more fun to try the other side, and you know I was right. Probably why I'm still here, but CN warfare against the odds is actually pretty fun. I'm also a fast typer and good at coming up with controversial remarks, especially crazy-sounding but technically plausible conspiracy theories in a jiffy too.


    I was reading the forums today and I realized that the last alliance Invicta fought against back when I was in high government had finally disbanded. Invicta's still here, although I'm not in it anymore. Anyway that was TOP, who we fought against way back in Karma when I was Vice President of Invicta.


    Still, my favourite posts were the jokes. I didn't make that many of them here on the big boards as I was too busy trying to start wars, preferably ones which would last a ridiculous amount of time, most of the time. But I did make some jokes. Here are links to my two favourite posts of mine:


    This was during Karma and there was an idiot in Invicta lower gov. I was VP and decided against a detailed rebuttal, instead treated the whole thing as humour. I love this post.


    The Rebbilon were a bunch of crazy anti-ODN rogues. Invicta and ODN were allies at the time and I had a lot of fun making fun of them. They were pretty dumb. I love this post too.


    I had some fun here over the years, but I never did find the war I wanted. Now my warchest is totally out of control. Oh well. 😎

  4. After many talks in the Leauge of Micros, there seems to be enough interest in pursuing Planet Bob’s first ever ‘Micro World War’. 


    The suggested rules of engagement are as follows:


    1) All interested alliances are divided based on stats into two equal teams.


    2) The Micro World War will have an official start date (hopefully in march) and a duration of NMT 14 days- both parties will know the start date well ahead of time.


    3) There will be a ‘no ghosting’ policy after the teams are equally divided until the conclusion of the world war.


    4) Participates of the world war waive their treaties until the completeion of the war.


    5) After the world war concludes, the chips resist and if it’s a success, we aim for another one in 6 months (with new teams picked) and we’re hoping to do this twice a year. So please help make this a success!


    It is encouraged for the alliances participating to bring their pride and their flags waiving, enjoy the propaganda and the comradely. The only ‘losers’ are the ones sitting on the sidelines. 


    Please in-game PM me if you think it would be fun for your own alliance. Not sure if you’re a micro? If you’re pondering that question, then I bet you’re qualified.


  5. The Zigur
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    "It's a trap," the Zigûr answered mildly.


    Of course, it was his trap, and although it wasn't perfect, it was the best he could manage on such short notice. He sighed at the fact he only had five tanks to ambush the enemy column with. The barbarian detachment was returning from the plunder of a small town on the outskirts of his little kingdom, and keen eyes had reported to him it's numbers and composition. One super-heavy escorted by a number of lesser tanks and artillery pieces. Peering through his binoculars, he espied that the report was accurate.


    Lieutenant Tengwar swallowed nervously, staring from the commander's hatch of his tank destroyer at the sight of the behemothic super-heavy. Being that they were responding on short notice, the five fast tanks they brought were lightly armored, built solely for mobility and firepower. The fifteen-centimeter howitzer the super-heavy carried would certainly make quick work of them if given the opportunity. While their commander had a mythical reputation amongst the fighting men, Tengwar had been educated at the Imperial War Academy and had no faith in superstition, nor light armor.  


    The Zigûr smiled serenely at the novice officer to his left. "As you see lieutenant, we have the element of surprise. In their arrogance they do not expect an ambush during their return northward. Our operation will depend on your timing. As their lead elements advance into the gulch, our three auto-loader tanks to the southwest will unload their rounds into the rear of their column, hemming them in. From our position here in the north, you should have a clear shot at the side of the super-heavy's turret when it turns to engage our auto-loaders."


    The lieutenant nodded with what confidence he could muster. On paper, his destroyer's gun should be capable of penetrating the thinner armor of the super-heavy's flank. Of course, their own two tanks were posted at the exit of the gulch, and they would be vulnerable should the survivors charge them.


    Tengwar absorbed the details of the column approaching them. Decapitated heads were suspended on crudely welded spikes from the super-heavy, red paint haphazardly splashed across the hull and turret, with the eightfold Mark of Chaos mounted high above the cupola. He noted with disgust that some of the severed heads were fresh. Rape and torture were the passtimes of this War-Boss, and he was glad that they would not go unpunished today for their atrocities.


    He supposed he ought to be glad that the likes of these creatures were typically lacking in discipline or tactics, else their little ambush might have been detected. He wondered how the world had fallen to such an extent that such behavior was now perceived as unremarkable, and looking to his right at his commander, he was thankful that he had been born in the Imperium and not more savage lands. Fair the Zigûr was, but also cold and remote like the stars above, more handsome and fey he seemed than any mortal he knew. He reminded Tengwar of the Elves in the stories of his youth.


    The Zigûr lightly brushed the thin hair from his face that the chill wind stirred, and then suddenly lifted his radio and spoke the command of death.


    A flare shot up into the night sky, revealing the column naked with it's pallid, fiery glow. An instant later, tracers filled the air, as the autoloaders emptied their clips and machine-guns into the column. The enemy was visibly thrown into confusion and disbelief as the autoloaders targeted artillery pieces and the more mobile tanks, and within the first thirty seconds half of the enemy force had been annihilated.


    Ponderously the War-Boss angled his super-heavy and rotated his turret to deal with these puny upstarts, these petty Imperials who dared threaten his column, and Tengwar saw his opportunity materialize. With a sniper's talent he fired, aiming perpendicular into the flank of the super-heavies turret, where he knew the ammo-rack to be.


    A boom like thunder reverberated as the massive turret was thrown high into the air, uncounted tons of steel crashing down onto an unsuspecting escort. And in the flash of the explosion, the Zigûr grinned a predator's smile as he suddenly threw his light tank into gear and wheeled with delight through the surviving barbarians.


    And the lieutenant silently wondered who the real savages were.

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    In the first meeting since the inception of Emperor Drecq as leader of the Erusean Republic the Imperial Court along with the Inner Circle met with the Emperor in a closed door session to discuss the economic situation of the nation. The nation has recently seen a small economic growth and has received a sum of cash for its technology sales. This has led the Inner Council to believe it was time to discuss advancement with the Emperor and the Imperial Court. Ultimately the call falls to Emperor Drecq to make as to what to work on when it comes to growing the economy of the nation. However the Imperial Court comprised of business leaders and wealthy nobles tend to steer the decisions.


    The Emperor has focused currently on developing the nations infrastructure and building up improvements. Recently a tech deal that was made has allowed the nation to build its Foreign Ministry and its Harbor. Previously the Emperor directed funds to establish a Stadium and Bank. It is believed that the Emperor will maintain a steady growth of improvements that focus on the income and happiness of the citizens. There is also growing talks of increasing funding to the military but only slightly as the need arises.


    Part of the economic growth agenda was also establishing trade with other nations which currently has proven difficult as well as the joining a nation alliance. The Emperor is keeping all avenues open to ideas and possibilities. 

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    Its been more than a month since Aevum Declared on them for their Heresy against Aevum & the Holy Church of Oculus.

    So far with a defiant & unrepentant, the war rages on.




    # Aevum (31,530.69) 9 Declared The Templar Knights (0.00) 0 Declared Total Destruction (50,637)
    1 Noctis Lucis Caelum (6,195.31) Disentery (5,162.76) 11,472.80
    2 Noctis Lucis Caelum (7,186.95) RonSwanson (3,593.48) 10,889.32
    3 Noctis Lucis Caelum (4,417.62) The Cake Is A Lie (3,834.16) 8,335.14
    4 Noctis Lucis Caelum (2,881.83) RonSwanson (4,433.59) 7,389.31
    5 Noctis Lucis Caelum (3,365.18) The Cake Is A Lie (1,076.86) 4,486.91
    6 Noctis Lucis Caelum (2,832.68) Teredona (546.06) 3,412.87
    7 Noctis Lucis Caelum (2,129.69) DonGiovanni023 (0.00) 2,129.69
    8 Noctis Lucis Caelum (1,502.04) Hawkeye (0.00) 1,502.04
    9 Noctis Lucis Caelum (1,019.38) tchaffin1978 (0.00) 1,019.38


    As TTK in inching closer to the brink of defeat & beyond the point of recovery if they don't surrender; as defeat becomes more apparent in the face of overwhelming power. As surrender is the only option when the Holy Church of Oculus remains united in the crusade; with warriors always ready for another fight.




    All warriors taking part in this just crusade contributions towards the cause of a better world & righteous will be forever recognized for their sacrifices toward the common good.


    Non Grata


    Non Grata (334,948.13) 64 Declared The Templar Knights (39,542.50) 12 Declared Total Destruction (640,501)




    New Polar Order

    New Polar Order (543,058.38) 127 Declared The Templar Knights (11,871.71) 8 Declared Total Destruction (850,602)



    Independent Republic of Orange Nations


    Independent Republic Of Orange Nations (257,543.51) 71 Declared The Templar Knights (30,992.58) 8 Declared Total Destruction (479,535)




    umbrella (115,190.54) 12 Declared The Templar Knights (3,210.27) 1 Declared

    Total Destruction (150,079)




    New Pacific Order


    New Pacific Order (403,956.87) 129 Declared The Templar Knights (16,399.66) 9 Declared Total Destruction (704,252)




    Viridian Entente


    Viridian Entente (116,935.31) 21 Declared The Templar Knights (40,000.14) 11 Declared Total Destruction (256,516)




    The Grand Lodge of Freemasons


    The Grand Lodge Of Freemasons (72,590.88) 12 Declared The Templar Knights (3,219.20) 1 Declared Total Destruction (118,437)


    Onward for Victory we press


    All who have fight in our crusade will be recognized for their contribution toward bettering this world!




    The Templar Knights (Graphic Content Warning - Mature Viewers Only)

  6. Hello.


    I haven't provided an update in a while, so I'm going to do a short one now because I'm procrastinating doing real work.


    A week and a half ago I ran an ultramarathon (50k) at Lake Tahoe. It was gorgeous. It looked like this:



    It was fantastic and wonderful and I'm moving there again as soon as I can, much to certain people's likely chagrin.


    I have another ultra in another week and a half. I'm hoping to run 40 - 50 miles (65k - 80k), as it's a 12 hour challenge rather than a set distance. Two weeks after that race I have a back to back Sprint Triathlon and Half Ironman Triathlon (Sprint on Saturday, Half on Sunday) on a course that is supposed to be one of the hardest in the United States. This is part of the bike course at 34% grade:

    If you make it to the top without falling, they put your name on a brick in the road.


    Then after THAT race, I have a four part race over three days - a 4.3 trail run on Friday, a 5k and 10k on Saturday, and a half marathon on Sunday.


    And then finally, three weeks after that one, I have an ultramarathon (another 50k) in Kentucky with an insane amount of climbing. The course elevation map looks like this:



    There's my two second update. If this actually generates any interest, I'll put up race recaps after. Vicarious suffering FTW.

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    The alliance we face, Supernova X aka "Imperium" of Supernova X, has for a long time held animosity and ill-will for Apocalypse Meow. This has been demonstrated time and again. Every time we try to use diplomacy, they use it to weaken our position and to further their goals of eliminating our fair alliance. We fight this war to put an end to this festering mess once and for all.

    Let us pray for the salvation of all of those who live in that totalitarian darkness–pray they will discover the joy of knowing freedom. But until they do, let us be aware that while they preach the supremacy of their State, declare its omnipotence over individuality, and predict its eventual domination of all peoples in CN, they are the focus of evil in the modern world.

    So, in your discussions of the war, I urge you to beware the temptation of pride – the temptation of blithely..uh..declaring yourselves above it all and label both sides equally at fault, to ignore the facts of history and the aggressive impulses of an evil empire, to simply call the war a giant misunderstanding and thereby remove yourself from the struggle between right and wrong and good and evil.

    We fight for what is right and that is why we are winning. Cat domination is the only domination CN deserves, the domination of winning bigly and then leaving people alone (maybe knock some stuff off their shelves from time to time).


    -Loving vPOC
    o/ Apocalypse Meow




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    It's no secret that this world is beginning to dwindle, and the end of times is close. The question is, how do we go about stopping it? We've tried shaking it up, we've tried leaving it be, and yet the game continues to die off.


    This game needs new blood, and an active admin. But we can't expect admin to suddenly get active now that the game is dieing, he has even less incentive than he did before. So it falls on us, the players to bring this game back to its former glory, or into a new chapter of its existence. So, how do we get a mass recruit of players? Is there a way? Or do we fade out with a whimper, a decaying and decrepit thing? Do we wait until the lights go off, and then reminisce about how great a game it used to be? If so, can we really blame it for dying, when we sat back and watched it unfold?

  7. I've had an epiphany.  You see, I was basking in ignorance and have recently been enlightened.  I have truly experienced revelation.  


    You see, here I was, fumbling around CN, bored, seriously considering letting my nation finally die.  It's been in the works for several years.  I've found no motivation.  No desire.  I feared that CN no longer offered anything to me.  It is, as we have all noted, slowly dwindling into nothingness.


    Then, TBC, as nothing more than a few loudmouths (Yes.  I'm talking about me, so don't read this into my ongoing feud with Gibsonator21, a feud brewing since the CSN/DT spat about reps that I never got) spouting a desire to make something happen, declared chaos.  It is a valid CB.  I stand by that !@#$.


    This is where the epiphany happened.  I was lurking around, looking in the most half-assed possible manor, to sew chaos.  A target, presented itself.  It was easy.  I declared for the reason that I would be bored before the end of it.  It was a self-fulfilling prophecy. I lost interest.  It was boring.  I didn't finish it.  I logged back in after like 5 days (somewhere around that mark) and found that our (the collective our) mutual acquaintance...


    ...one that it would be rude to call out, so, let's come up with a pseudonym...one that nobody could possibly name...lemme see...I was going to go with Junktard, but that is trademarked....how about Princess Tiny Hands...yeah, that'll do, Princess Tiny Hands....


    Sorry, I got sidetracked.


    Anyway, I found that Princess Tiny Hands doesn't give two !@#$% about his nation, but if a person points out the moronic dribble that rolls incessantly from he and his ilk, he loses his goddamned mind.  I mean, like pubes on fire, running for water, falling just left of a can pineapple juice, loses his mind.  


    So my apology to the whole of CN.  For several years, I have seriously missed out on the opportunity to use logic in the face of delusion.  For several years, I have seriously missed out on what really bothers Princess Tiny Hands:  Contradiction.  My apologies to the entire community for missing what is so obvious.  I'll endeavor to make it up to you.


    Apologies in the sincerity of harmonious contradiction,

    Smurthwaite, a humble servant of the peoples of CN, on who endeavors to bring a new motivation.

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  8. September 2007, the Libertarian Empire was founded.


    The Libertarian Empire was recruited by an alliance based on Libertariainism. These were the Golden Days.




    Thanks to efficient aid programs within the FCC, the Libertarian Empire managed to grow into the top 5% in order to purchase its first nuclear missile. This was back when being the top 5% allowed you to buy nukes, MPs came out no long after.


    When MK got rolled by NPO, I decided to go join the MK AA to assist them; since I knew opposition would be to great for the alliance to get involved.


    After this along with some other former FCC members, we formed Onyx Hand. Although the alliance didn't really grow.. Eventually Onyx Hand merged into the FCC and a new Charter was created; which centralized more power around a King..


    I ended up get nominated and everyone voted in favor of me,, except one person abstained..This brought in a new age of prosperity for the FCC, as the alliance grew rapidly with efficient aid program for both growth and making every nation nuclear capable. Relations within The Citadel improved and eventually Continuum was defeated with The Citadel and FCC playing their part..


    After NPO's defeat, there wasn't much going on. No major threats, so activity was down.. Eventually I resigned after a founder made a huge fuss and I made my biggest mistake; I resigned.


    Once I resigned here was no going back to how things were. The FCC slowly deteriorated without strong leadership & I occupied myself by battle after battle against uphill odds; as I was lost without the FCC and in search for a purpose. I lost count of how many wars I fought, but the FCC was golden years of CN and once I resigned it was never the same.


    What I loved most about CN was gone, the Libertarian Community called the FCC. When first joining I quickly became elected a Senator, then I was appointed a High Court Judge not long before I left to help MK..Then I was crowned King upon  my return. Even with the LPC, it couldn't compare to what I had lost with the FCC. When I resigned from the FCC,, I might as well have deleted my nation then. Since ever since I was just lost soul wandering from battlefield to battlefield in search of some meaning.


    What made the FCC great was they made sure to build up all nations accepted up to 5k infra with their Massive Aid Bomb Program. Also the alliance was idealogy based, so everyone shared a common interest in discussing Libertarianism and Anarchism. Until I declared on IRON as King of FCC in the Karma War; FCC had never fought in a war. They prefered to apply the non-aggression principle to foreign policy as well. Although it was the community which made it great, where debating Libertarian & Anarchism with people made it my favorite forum to just discuss non-CN related things as well.


    For me the best part of CN died with the FCC, none of my other accomplishments after compared to the feeling of success and satisfaction of rising up the ranks within the FCC.


    The Fifth Column Confederation is what got me hooked on Cybernations and there will never be an alliance which can match it.


    Forever Fifth Column Confederation will be remembered as the greatest alliance in Cybernations and never will there be an alliance which can match it.


    Some say nothing lasts forever, although my biggest regret was not ensuring the FCC was still alive and well today. Its something which can never be replicated.


    Never Forget the Fifth Column Confederation, the most Libertarian Ideological Based alliance this game has ever seen.


    When the FCC was gone, my reason for sticking around was gone. Although I couldn't bring myself to push that delete button for a long time.


    While Cybernations has had its ups and downs, thinking about when CN was really something special; it was the FCC which was my reason for playing.


    What I miss more than my nation, Senate Seat, the LPC or anything else is the FCC. The community was something special, also being part of The Citadel made for another special community, ,which I cherished and miss. OG, Gremlins, TOP & Umbrella all hold a special place in my memories as well.


    The Citadel was truly a special bloc as well and its to bad we'll never see anything like it again.








    Methrage, Senator, High Court Judge & King of the FCC

  9. Noticed that i posted my Mock Draft here once ... back in 2011. lol


    Six years later, here is my most recent mock. It's from before the Senior Bowl, right when the practices had started.


    Not sure how many NFL fans are still left here (that aren't already on my FB and have already seen this), but ...


    Round 1:
    1. Cleveland Browns - Myles Garrett, OLB/DE, Texas A&M
    Needs: QB, Edge, CB, RB, OL
    Garrett is the currently the consensus #1 overall player and would finally give the Browns a pass rusher that other teams have to account for. They have a lot of needs with quarterback the usual concern, but I don’t think they will reach for one in a weak QB class. The current Browns regime seems to be more cautious and could also trade down since they do have two first round picks (again).
    2. San Francisco 49ers - DeShaun Watson, QB, Clemson
    Needs: QB, WR, OL, DL, LB
    This is a bad year to need a quarterback, but the Niners are one of the teams that finds themselves in that situation. The top signal caller in the draft is far from settled at this point, but the Niners should have their pick. Watson is currently riding high on his National Championship performance and while this will likely change several times, here in v1.0 I am sending him to San Francisco.
    3. Chicago Bears - Jonathan Allen, DE/DT, Alabama
    Needs: QB, CB, S, OL, WR
    The Bears also need a QB, but with head coach John Fox on the hot seat, I don’t see them reaching for one here. All the QBs in this class will need a lot of development and Fox simply doesn’t have the time. Instead, he will focus on the defense and take the best available defender which is hands down Allen who is a disruptive force that can play a variety of positions on the d-line.
    4. Jacksonville Jaguars - Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU
    Needs: S, RB, OL, Edge
    After the success of the Cowboys many teams will be more apt to use a high pick on a running back, which was unheard of in previous years. The Jags, of course, need offensive line help more but there are no tackles worth taking this high. The team will definitely consider one of the highly touted safeties (Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker), but ultimately settle on Fournette in this mock. He is a rare blend of speed and power and should take some of the pressure off of young quarterback Blake Bortles.
    5. Tennessee Titans - Jamal Adams, S, LSU
    Needs: DB, WR, TE
    The Titans will have two main focuses: their secondary and wide receivers. With two first round picks, they could conceivably fill both needs with their first two picks. Here in the Top 10, they will nab arguably the best safety in this year’s draft, Jamal Adams. Adams has been compared to future Hall of Famer Ed Reed and could anchor a revamped secondary for years to come.
    6. New York Jets - Teez Tabor, CB, Florida
    Needs: CB, QB, OLB
    This is a tougher pick than it should be. The Jets took quarterback Christian Hackenberg in the 2nd round last season, which was considered a reach at the time. Hackenberg ended up not even suiting up for a game until injuries forced the issue. Despite being out of contention and already knowing that Ryan Fitzpatrick was not part of their 2017 plan, the team still started Fitzpatrick over Hackenberg to close out the season. That speaks volumes about the level of confidence the team has in Hackenberg ... but do they give up on a second-round investment so soon? In v1.0, I am going to go with “no”.
    While they will most definitely take another young QB in this draft, in the 1st round they will try and fix their leaky secondary. This is an extremely deep cornerback class and the pecking order is still up for heated debate. Some see Tabor as the #1 corner, others see him as a late 1st/early 2nd pick. He certainly has swagger though and if he lives up to the talk, could be just what the secondary needs.
    7. Los Angeles Chargers - Malik Hooker, S, OSU
    Needs: OL, S, WR
    The Chargers actually have some great young talent, especially on defense. CB Jason Verrett, Edge rushers Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram (who I think will be tagged), and linebackers Jatavis Brown and Denzel Perryman form a very good young core. They definitely missed safety Eric Weddle though after letting him leave in free agency last season. Some of the team’s late game meltdowns might have been avoided with an intimidating presence in the middle. Malik Hooker is fast and a hard hitting player that would possibly give new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley his Earl Thomas.
    8. Carolina Panthers - Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee
    Needs: OL, Edge, RB
    The temptation to take running back Dalvin Cook will be there and most mock drafts agree. I certainly understand that and might ultimately come to the same conclusion. The team also desperately needs help on the offensive line (as usual) but again, there aren’t any players worth taking here. They could proceed anyway (and just might), but in this mock I am going to have them address the pass rush. Charles Johnson has lost a step, Kony Ealy has not developed as the team had hoped, and designated pass rusher Mario Addison might get overpayed in free agency. Aside from Myles Garrett, the team could potentially have their pick of the best pass rushers in this year’s draft. Barnett has been climbing, but there are questions about his speed and athleticism as he relies solely on strength to overpower blockers. That won’t work at the pro level, but some scouts feel he has more burst than some realize.
    9. Cincinnati Bengals - Solomon Thomas, DE/OLB, Stanford
    Needs: Edge, CB, ILB
    Should the Panthers pass on Barnett, the Bengals will be tempted to snatch him up. They will also take a long look at linebacker Reuben Foster here, but simply cannot ignore their pass rush. Thomas is flying up draft boards and is extremely explosive but not very big. This calls into question whether or not he can play 4-3 end though some feel his long arms will make up for it. Either way, whoever drafts him will find a place for him to play and let him loose on opposing quarterbacks.
    10. Buffalo Bills - DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame
    Needs: WR, OT, DB, QB
    In this mock the Bills have decided to let Tyrod Taylor go, which I think is a mistake. While the team has needs on defense, o-line, and receiver, this decision leaves a massive hole at quarterback and the team is almost forcing themselves to draft one. As we head towards the Combine and Pro Days, some of these quarterbacks will move up and be over-drafted out of desperation. In this mock though, that has not happened yet. So, the Bills will nab DeShone Kizer, who has all the tools but is extremely raw. Kizer is not a Day One starter though so the team will also be in the market for a veteran placeholder.
    11. New Orleans Saints - Reuben Foster, ILB, Alabama
    Needs: Edge, ILB, CB
    It seems like the Saints need a corner every season, but usually pass. This is a deep corner class, but the team can’t pass on a talent like Foster who might ultimately go even higher. Foster is a thumper inside who can also cover which is rare in college linebackers. He compares favorably to Seattle’s Bobby Wagner and can do a little bit of everything. The Saints will hopefully take advantage of a great CB class in round 2 but will pass here if Foster is available.
    12. Cleveland Browns - Mitch Trubisky, QB, UNC
    Needs: QB, Edge, CB, RB, OL
    Much like Kizer at #10, there is a good chance that Trubisky won’t actually be here when it’s all said and done. In this mock he is though and the Browns will feel comfortable taking a QB since they have a lot of picks. Physically, Trubisky is everything you want in a quarterback. He has good size, a good arm, and can throw on the run. The problem with Trubisky is that he only has one year of starting experience and that year was in a spread offense so he will need coaching. Head coach Hue Jackson will more than likely be content with RG3 and Cody Kessler at the top of the depth chart while Trubisky develops.
    13. Arizona Cardinals - Marshon Lattimore, CB, OSU
    Needs: CB, WR, QB, ILB
    The Cardinals certainly need a quarterback to develop behind a rapidly aging Carson Palmer, but I think that Arians feels that they are not all that far away from competing again and won’t want to take one so early ... not that any are still available in this mock anyway. The team also has their pick of wide receivers and will be tempted to take one here. Larry Fitzgerald is nearing the end, perennial disappointment Malcolm Floyd was released, and the rest of the roster is full of deep threats and slot receivers.
    Tough call here, but I have the team getting help for a position that Bruce Arians publicly called out during the season. Special teams ace Justin Bethel was forced into duty and struggled, former college running back Brandon Williams has a ways to go, and while Marcus Cooper led the team in interceptions he was awful in coverage. Lattimore is not the fastest corner, but he is big, technically sound, and has all the tools to be a shutdown player if he can stay healthy.
    14. Indianapolis Colts - Dalvin Cook, RB, FSU
    Needs: OL, Edge, CB, RB, ILB, S
    The Colts almost need an entirely new defense and they have never been good at keeping Andrew Luck upright and need O-line help. So, of course, they will take a running back.
    While it is not their #1 need, it is definitely A need with the seemingly immortal Frank Gore finally seeing the end of the road and zero depth behind him. Cook is a dual purpose threat who would bring a new dimension to the Colt offense. He’s ultra quick, plays well in space, and has excellent hands.
    15. Philadelphia Eagles - Mike Williams, WR, Clemson
    Needs: CB, WR, RB
    In my opinion, the Eagles need a corner more than a wide receiver ... though it is VERY close. With one of the (if not THE) best receivers in the draft staring them in the face, they won’t be able to pass on him. Nelson Agholor has been terrible and Jordan Matthews strikes me as more of a #2 (or #3) receiver than a go-to player. Williams has the sort of size/speed combination that offensive coordinators look for in a #1 receiver. He will have to adjust to the speed of the NFL, needs to polish up his route running, and has routinely out-muscled corners at the college level but is coachable and could become Carson Wentz’s favorite target.
    16. Baltimore Ravens - Takkarist McKinley, OLB, UCLA
    Needs: Edge, CB, WR
    In order for the Ravens to truly get their defense back where it was in the past, they will need a better pass rush. Elvis Dumervil is no doubt done and Terrell Suggs is finally showing signs of age. McKinley is a name to watch heading into the draft. He has one of the quicker first steps in this year’s class, but is extremely raw. With some coaching and technique work, he could develop into a dominant pass rusher. Grades out as the perfect edge rusher for Suggs to eventually pass the torch to.
    17. Washington Redskins - Malik McDowell, DE/DT, Michigan State
    Needs: CB, S, DT, RB, ILB
    For a team that nearly made the playoffs, the Redskins have a lot of needs. Potentially losing receiver DeSean Jackson to free agency, Washington could eye a speed receiver here with so many left on the board. They could also consider nabbing a member of this deep corner class with the rapid decline of young corner Rashaud Breeland.
    With a high end prospect like Malik McDowell still here at #17 though, I think the Redskins will be hard pressed to let him pass by. McDowell has some issues with effort, but the physical skills are all there. He is ultra quick and strong, capable of playing end in both a 3-4 and 4-3 alignment, or at tackle in a 4-3.
    18. Tennessee Titans - Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan
    Needs: CB, WR, TE
    The Titans would be ecstatic to see Corey Davis here. After addressing the safety position with their first pick, they could go corner here as well. Davis is just too talented to pass up though, especially for a team that lacks an elite receiver.
    Davis is fast, has a great work ethic, and is one of the better route runners I’ve seen coming out of college. It shouldn’t take him too long to acclimate to the pro game and he could actually go much higher than this in my final mock.
    19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jabrill Peppers, S, Michigan
    Needs: WR, S, Edge
    Every year there is a player or two on defense who are labeled as “tweeners” with no true position which causes them to fall. That is starting to become less common as defensive coordinators are becoming increasingly adept at finding roles for players who are talented enough.
    Peppers played safety, linebacker, corner, and returner at the college level. He’s a dynamic player with insane range. The knock on him is that he didn’t force many turnovers in college and didn’t defend many passes. Once he locks into a position at the NFL level though (which should be safety), the thinking is that that might change. The Bucs have safeties who are tough and solid tacklers but are slow and are not overly athletic. Peppers would fix that from day one.
    20. Denver Broncos - Forrest Lamp, OG/OT, Western Kentucky
    Needs: OL, TE, RB, WR
    A lot of experts feel that the offensive struggles for the Broncos was due to a poor running game and quarterback play ... and they wouldn’t be wrong. Compounding those issues though, was the play of their offensive line. Free agent tackle acquisitions Russell Okung and Donald Stephenson ranged from mediocre to awful and guards Max Garcia and Micheal Schofield were merely serviceable.
    Forrest Lamp played tackle in college but is probably more suited for guard in the NFL, but might be able to fill in at tackle if need be. Lamp gained attention in draft circles when he stone walled the Alabama pass rushers, who are NFL bound. He might never be an All-Pro, but has a high floor and limited bust potential.
    21. Detroit Lions - Sidney Jones, CB, Washington
    Needs: Edge, CB, RB, ILB
    The Lions would love to have ILB Reuben Foster, but he is long gone. Instead, they could go for fellow ILB Zack Cunningham from Vanderbilt, but don’t pull the trigger here. Instead, they take advantage of the number of good to great corners and nab Sidney Jones from Washington.
    The Lions already have Darius Slay on one side (who should have been in a couple of Pro Bowls by now) and like the progress that Nevin Lawson (2014, 4th round) has made but if you’re going to face Aaron Rodgers twice a year then you’re going to need all the corner talent you can get. Jones will need to add some muscle without losing his speed, but is technically sound, very athletic, and has all the tools to be a shutdown corner.
    22. Miami Dolphins - O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama
    Needs: LB, Edge, TE, OL
    Miami is about to have a big hole at tight end. Jordan Cameron is probably going to retire due to concussions. Dion Sims showed a knack for getting in the end zone this season (4 TDs) but is a free agent, and journeyman MarQueis Gray flashed some potential but is more of a backup.
    Howard is already a phenomenal blocker in an era where pass catching tight ends typically struggle to do so. He was not used much as a receiver at Alabama but made plays when called upon. At Senior bowl practices he was practically unguardable and has the potential to be a great all-around tight end.
    23. New York Giants - Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan
    Needs: Edge, RB, TE, LB
    Defensive End Jason Pierre-Paul is not going to give the Giants a team friendly one-year deal this time around and will no doubt hit free agency. While the Giants would love to retain him, they simply won’t be able to after already opening up the pocketbook last season to fix the defense. They will need to rely on the draft to fill some holes this time around.
    Charlton was inconsistent, but is no doubt talented. He’s a freakish athlete who will initially struggle against the run, but is coachable and should already be a solid pass rusher.
    24. Oakland Raiders - Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama
    Needs: ILB, CB, DT
    A few minor issues aside, the Raiders are pretty set on offense and will need to improve their below average defense in order to take the next step as a team. They will no doubt have their eye on ILB Reuben Foster and DT Malik McDowell but since both are gone in this mock they will focus on corner where they will need to replace disappointing former 1st rounder, D.J. Hayden.
    Humphrey looks the part. He has the size, speed, and athleticism that teams look for but needs to work on his ball skills. That’s not a deal breaker though because while you cannot teach speed or athleticism, you can teach technique.
    25. Houston Texans - Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama
    Needs: DT/NT, OL, ILB, QB
    Not that it matters since the top QBs are now off the board, but no, I don’t believe that the Texans are going to pull the plug on Brock Osweiler after one season. Sorry Houston fans, you’re probably going to deal with a Osweiler vs. Savage competition in 2017.
    The Texans might be scouring the draft for a replacement for nose tackle Vince Wilfork who is all but certain to retire. They will also be in the market for a thumper a linebacker to line up next to Benardrick McKinney. Ultimately though, I think they will opt to solidify an offensive line that was troublesome in 2016. Unlike past seasons, there are no elite tackle prospects in this year’s class so, unless someone reaches, the Texans should have a shot at the top tackles.
    Once upon a time, Robinson actually was considered an elite prospect but inconsistent play has dragged him down. Even still, he is massive and athletic which is a rare combination so he has the physical attributes to at the very least be a solid starter, at the most a Pro Bowl player. The bust potential is there though.
    26. Seattle Seahawks - Ryan Ramczyk, OT, Wisconsin
    Needs: OG, OT, CB, DT
    Seattle almost has to be locked in on offensive line for the first couple of picks in this draft. It is almost laughable watching their line, bereft of talent, try and block NFL pass rushers. Amazingly enough, the Seahawks are a perennial playoff team despite this deficiency. Imagine what they’d accomplish WITH a line?
    Ramczyk is about as safe of a pick at tackle as it gets and could potentially go higher than this. Coming out of Wisconsin, he has already learned an NFL system and should be a Week 1 starter. His ceiling isn’t quite as high as other prospects, but his floor is much higher.
    27. Kansas City Chiefs - Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU
    Needs: ILB, WR, CB, OL
    The Chiefs could not stop running back Le’Veon Bell in the playoffs during the first half, mostly due to the loss of inside linebacker Derrick Johnson weeks before. That position will need to be addressed in the first few rounds of the draft to either be a future replacement, or a current replacement for Johnson who will turn 35 next season and is returning from a second season ending injury. Kansas City will almost certainly look to add more weapons on offense as well at wide receiver and running back.
    In this mock draft, however, they nab one of the better cover corners in this class. White is not known for his tackling skill and is not very big, but he is fast and is capable of eliminating a team’s #1 receiver at the college level. If he pans out, the Chiefs could have the best young corner tandem in the league. White is a rising prospect though who could ultimately land in the top 15-20 picks.
    28. Dallas Cowboys - John Ross, WR, Washington
    Needs: Edge, CB, TE, DT
    No, receiver isn’t a top need for Dallas. I wouldn’t even put it in their top four, to be honest. Having said that, Ross’ game breaking speed is too much to pass up. Far too often, the Cowboy offense stalled due to lack of reliable targets. Dez and Witten are outstanding when healthy, but Terence Williams has simply dropped too many passes to be counted on.
    Ross is a homerun threat every time he touches the ball and while he usually lines up in the slot (Cole Beasley’s territory), he has the ability to play outside as well and can be a deep threat that takes the top off of defenses.
    29. Green Bay Packers - Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida
    Needs: RB, CB, Edge
    For a playoff team, the Pack could potentially have a lot of holes. Several members of their vaunted offensive line are free agents, leading pass rusher Nick Perry (11.5 sacks) is also a free agent, veteran Julius Peppers is nearing the end of his career, Clay Matthews is rapidly declining, their young secondary was obliterated by Matt Ryan in the playoffs, and top corner Sam Shields still has not cleared concussion protocol four months after being placed on IR.
    The team did draft corners previously (Damarious Randall 1st round 2015, Quinten Rollins 2nd round 2015), but they were pressed into more snaps than they were ready for in 2016. Last season proved that you can never have too many corners and this is definitely the year to add one. Wilson isn’t the most athletic corner in this draft, but he’s physical and tough. He is ideal as a nickel corner who can also slide to safety if needed, but should eventually push for a starting role.
    30. Pittsburgh Steelers - Charles Harris, DE/OLB, Missouri
    Needs: WR, Edge, ILB, TE
    A lot of mocks have the Steelers taking a wide receiver here, but they have had a lot of success finding pass catchers in later rounds and this season will likely be no different. They will be tempted to snag one of the tight ends from what is a very deep class, but ultimately I think they will shore up the position they are best known for: linebacker.
    The team can’t possibly be interested in bringing back first round disappointment Jarvis Jones and while veteran James Harrison says he will be back for another season, he’s pushing 40 and an eventual replacement is necessary. Harris needs some work in run defense, but he is a talented pass rusher that would serve as a reserve/passing down specialist until he grows into the full time role.
    31. Atlanta Falcons - Tim Williams, OLB, ALabama
    Needs: Edge, OG, DT
    As great as pass usher Vic Beasley was this season, the Falcons need more pass rushers in the worst way. Be it inside at tackle or an edge rusher, Atlanta needs to ensure that opposing offenses can’t neutralize Beasley, who led the NFL in sacks in 2016.
    Aside from potential #1 overall pick Myles Garrett, there’s probably not a better pass rusher in this draft than Williams. He is explosive and insanely quick, able to completely disrupt an offense when he’s let loose. Unfortunately, that’s all he’s shown to be skilled at so far and is easily fooled by screen passes and misdirection. It’s possible that coaching can correct that, but if not then whichever team drafts Williams might just have to accept that he is a pass rusher and nothing more. An amazing pass rusher, but only a pass rusher.
    32. New England Patriots - David Njoku, TE, Miami
    Needs: OL, TE, S, Edge
    It’s always difficult to write up a mock on the New England Patriots for two reasons: 1. Bill Belichick is unpredictable and 2. they routinely trade down. This season will probably be no different and the Pats will trade out of the 1st round. Since I do not do trades in my mock drafts, I am going to have to take a stab at this pick anyway.
    Belichick is not afraid of doubling down on a position if he feels the talent and versatility is there. As great as Rob Gronkowski is, he does have a history of injuries. Fellow tight end Martellus Bennett played exceptionally well, but might cash in during free agency. Belichick likes employing two athletic tight ends to take advantage of mismatches but due to Gronk’s health and the arrest of Aaron Hernandez, he hasn’t been able to maximize that for awhile.
    Njoku is possibly the most athletic and explosive tight end in this draft and the only thing keeping him behind O.J.Howard is experience. Njoku is a former wide receiver and high jumper, but is extremely raw and will need to work on the nuances of the game. New England would be a perfect place for that, if he’s still here after no doubt posting insane Combine numbers.
    Round 2:
    33. Cleveland Browns: Gareon Conley, CB, Ohio State
    A scout called starting corner Joe Haden the “oldest 27 year old in the NFL”. Haden can’t seem to stay healthy and when he’s on the field does not look like the shutdown corner from the past. He could bounce back and former Dolphin Jamar Taylor had a nice season on the other side, but the team needs more reliable DBs. Conley could sneak into the 1st round, but with so many top corner prospects some will fall into the 2nd and 3rd.
    34. San Francisco 49ers: Caleb Brantley, DT/NT, Florida
    The Niners have a lot of needs, so they can go several directions. A new head coach means a new coaching staff and defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil was probably on the chopping block either way so it’s unclear what sort of alignment the Niners will use. Brantley can play nose tackle in a 3-4 as well as tackle in a 4-3.
    35. Jacksonville Jaguars: Garrett Bolles, OT, Utah
    Running back in the 1st, offensive tackle in the 2nd. The Jags would be ecstatic if Boles were still here at #35.
    36. Chicago Bears: Adoree Jackson, CB, USC
    The Bears will look at quarterbacks again, but I have a tough time seeing John Fox put his faith and future in one. I would not be shocked if the Bears retain Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley and instead improve their defense. Jackson has 1st round talent in a loaded class.
    37. Los Angeles Rams: Cordrea Tankersley, CB, Clemson
    The Rams sorely missed Janoris Jenkins after letting him leave in free agency. The team definitely has needs at wide receiver, offensive line, and tight end but Tankersley (who would be a sure-fire 1st rounder any other year) will be difficult to pass up.
    38. Los Angeles Chargers: Dion Dawkins, OT, Temple
    The Chargers have serviceable tackles, but they need better to protect an aging Phillip Rivers. As I’ve said before this year’s tackles aren’t elite prospects, but solid starters can be found in the 2nd and 3rd. Dawkins is athletic and is a player who can start early and develop into something more.
    39. New York Jets: Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee
    Based on the idea that the Jets are content with developing Hackenberg and letting Bryce Petty/Journeyman QB keep the seat warm, I am going to once again have the Jets pass on a QB in a weak class. Kamara is a speedy back with good size who will share carries with Matt Forte until the 2018 season when he should be ready to carry the load himself.
    40. Carolina Panthers: Zach Banner, OT, USC
    The Panthers will still be looking at running backs, but once again hold of here to address their need at tackle. Banner is a mammoth tackle (6’8”, 361) who has had weight issues in the past. With good coaching and conditioning though, he can be a find. Few people his size can move the way he does.
    41. Cincinnati Bengals: Zack Cunningham, ILB, Vanderbilt
    After addressing the pass rush in round one, the Bengals add an athletic thumper in the middle. Cunningham has flown under the radar so far, but that might change before the Draft. In this mock though, he is still here at #41 and the Bengals will run their selection up to the podium.
    42. New Orleans Saints: Jordan Willis, DE, Kansas State
    All defense early on for the Saints. Corner in the first, pass rusher in the 2nd. Jordan Willis made money in the Senior Bowl where he looked unblockable. Cameron Jordan will appreciate less double teams.
    43. Philadelphia Eagles: Jourdan Lewis, CB, Michigan
    Thanks to a deep corner class, the Eagles can take a receiver in the 1st and still land a good cover corner in the 2nd. Lewis doesn’t possess the size you’d want, but has great coverage skills and is tenacious.
    44. Buffalo Bills: Cooper Kupp, WR, Eastern Michigan
    Remember, in this mock the Bills let Tyrod Taylor walk and drafted a quarterback in the 1st. If that happens, he will need more targets than Sammy Watkins. Kupp’s stock has soared, especially after Senior Bowl practices where he caught everything thrown to him against this vaunted corner class.
    45. Arizona Cardinals: Jarrad Davis, ILB Florida
    The Cardinals need a playmaker in the middle and Davis is just that. As in the 1st round, I believe that Arians thinks that he is close to competing again and that 2016 was a blip on the radar and nothing more. So, I don’t see the Cardinals investing a high pick on a quarterback.
    46. Minnesota Vikings: D’Onta Foreman, RB, Texas
    In this mock, the Vikings have moved on from Adrian Peterson and their lack of a running game sunk their offense last season. Asiata and McKinnon were not the answer and Foreman is a big, bruising runner with good speed for his size. While Minnesota would love to nab an offensive tackle, most of the players worth taking here are already gone.
    47. Baltimore Ravens: Amara Darboh, WR, Michigan
    An inside linebacker to replace the suddenly retired Zack Orr will be a high priority, but the Ravens cannot go into the 2017 season with the receivers that they currently have. Darboh is not a burner, but is fast enough and has good size.
    48. Indianapolis Colts: Haason Reddick, OLB/ILB, Temple
    Reddick is another player who made some money at the Senior Bowl displaying athleticism and speed from the outside during practices. Reddick might be too small to play OLB in a 3-4, but can possibly play ILB in the same scheme. Either way, he’s someone the Colts can move around to maximize his ability on a defense that desperately needs playmakers.
    49. Washington Redskins: Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford
    Robert Kelly was a nice find but might not be an every down back. McCaffrey might not either (jury is still out), but he could excel in a shared backfield. McCaffrey is also an excellent pass catcher and would give the already potent Washington offense an added dimension.
    50. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DeDe Westbrook, WR, Oklahoma
    The Bucs need a deep threat to take some of the double teams off of stud receiver Mike Evans. Westbrook might not be a complete receiver, but he has an uncanny knack for getting deep and would fit well with the Buc offense.
    51. Denver Broncos: Chris Wormley, DT/DE, Michigan
    While the Denver defense is still formidable, the d-line (Derek Wolfe aside) isn’t getting it done. Wormley is a versatile player who can play end and tackle in a variety of alignments. He won’t offer much in the way of a pass rush, but he grades out to be a good run stopper who can occasionally collapse the pocket.
    52. Cleveland Browns: Budda Baker, Safety, Washington
    The Browns continue revamping their defense via the draft. Baker is a little on the small side but plays much bigger. He strikes me as an eventual emotional leader who just so happens to also be capable of big plays. Classic center fielder type safety.
    53. Detroit Lions: Raekwon McMillan, OLB/ILB, Ohio State
    The Lions need both outside and inside linebackers and McMillan might be able to play either position at the pro level, though he projects more on the outside in a 4-3 defense. McMillan is explosive and flies to the ball, but lacks the strength to take on blockers inside. He is, however, excellent in coverage which is rare for a linebacker coming out of college.
    54. Miami Dolphins: Dan Feeney, OG, Indiana
    This is a major steal for the Dolphins. So much so that I doubt things actually fall this way as Feeney is considered by many to be a 1st round pick. Having said that, if he is here then the Dolphins will definitely take him without a second thought.
    55. New York Giants: Gerald Everett, TE, South Alabama
    New York’s tight ends have been a non-factor for far too long and it needs addressed. Everett is a natural pass catcher with great separation and speed. He is not a great route runner and has a lot to learn in that area, but is a willing blocker who could start right away.
    56. Oakland Raiders: T.J. Watt, ILB/OLB, Wisconsin
    The Raiders continue to go all defense, taking J.J. younger brother to fill a need at linebacker. Watt doesn’t look all that athletic but don’t let that fool you. He can go sideline to sideline and while it’s unclear if he’s a better fit inside or out, he’s capable of making plays wherever he lines up.
    57. Houston Texans: Justin Evans, Safety, Texas A&M
    The Texans got a solid year from journeyman safety Quinton Demps and while it’s not a bad idea to re-sign him in free agency, they need depth at the position. Evans is severely underrated but could be an impact starter in the NFL.
    58. Seattle Seahawks (unless it is taken due to violations): Chidobe Awuzie, CB, Colorado
    The Legion of Boom needs an infusion of talent. Deshawn Shead had a nice season, but tore his ACL in the playoffs. Jeremy Lane was given a long-term contract but is better suited as a nickel corner. Awuzie is not speedy, but s physical and tough which fits in with what the Seahawks do on defense.
    59. Kansas City Chiefs: Anthony Walker, Jr, ILB, Northwestern
    Chiseled but undersized, Walker projects to a 3-4 ILB at the pro level. With the future of star linebacker Derick Johnson in doubt, the Chiefs need to look for an eventual replacement. Should Johnson return for one more season, he’d make a great mentor for the raw Walker who probably declared for the draft a year early.
    60. Dallas Cowboys: DeMarcus Walker, OLB/DE, Florida State
    The Cowboys have misfired multiple times in their quest to find a pass rusher. Walker is definitely a work in progress who might only be able to function as a designated pass rusher initially. To be honest, that might be all the Dallas needs him to do at this point.
    61. Green Bay Packers: Ryan Anderson, OLB, Alabama
    Anderson is a very good player who falls to the end of the 2nd because he doesn’t jump out at you like other players do. That might change during the evaluation process as he is a technically sound player with versatility. Early on, he will no doubt be a rush ‘backer which is just what the Packers might need. In time, he could develop into a solid all around starter.
    62. Pittsburgh Steelers: Evan Engram, TE, Mississippi
    Ladarius Green simply could not stay on the field and while Jesse James made some clutch catches, he’s more of a secondary tight end. Engram possesses wide receiver speed and while he is not very big for a tight end, is a capable blocker. He will definitely be more of a weapon in the passing game though with the ability to stretch defenses, create mismatches, and turn small plays into large ones.
    63. Atlanta Falcons: Jaleel Johnson, DT, Iowa
    After getting pass rush help in round one, the Falcons continue improving the defense by landing a penetrating defensive tackle to replace the aging Johnathan Babineaux. Johnson will be more of a rotational player for his first season or two, but should be a solid starter in the up front in time.
    64. New England Patriots: Desmond King, CB/S, Iowa
    The Patriots love versatile players and King fits that description. He’s compact and physical, but might not be fast enough to be an every down corner and some feel he will make a better safety at the pro level. He’s a solid defender though and is just the type of player that Bill Belichick gets the most out of.
    Also considered:
    Carl Lawson, DE, Auburn
    Pat Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech
    Carlos Watkins, DT, Clemson
    Montravius Adams, DT, Auburn
    Dawuane Smoot, DT, Illinois
    JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, USC
    Tanoh Kpassagnon, DT, Villanova
    Ethan Pocic, C, LSU
    Cam Sutton, CB, Tennessee
    Roderkick Johnson, OT, FSU
    Curtis Samuel, RB/WR, OSU
    Adam Bisnowaty, OT, Pitt
    Antonio Garcia, OT, Temple
    Brad Kaaya, QB, Miami
    Elijah Qualls, DT, Miami
    Kendell Beckwith, ILB, LSU
    Damontae Kazee, CB, SDSU
    Rasul Douglas, CB, WVU
    Corn Elder, CB, Miami
    Nate Gerry, S, Nebraska
    Obi Melifonwu, S, UConn
    Marcus Maye, S, Florida
    Pat Elflein, C, OSU
    Dorian Johnson, OG, Pitt
    Bucky Hodges, TE, Virginia Tech
    Jake Butt, TE, Michigan
    Chad Hansen, WR, Cal
    Jalen Robinette, WR, Air Force
    Jeremy McNichols, RB, Boise State
    Kareem Hunt, RB, Toledo
    Davis Webb, QB, Cal
    Josh Dobbs, QB, Tennessee
    Chad Kelly, QB, Mississippi
    Nathn Peterman, QB, Pitt


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    It's been a fun six years and seven months, so I thought I might say good bye to some of you.

    Firstly, to the Pirates of the Parrot Order, my first alliance. Shade0017 sure had a way to make the game sound like more than it was. I didn't realize this until he tried to recruit me to numerous 'roleplay' websites. Had I not met him, or the other Pirates back then, I probably wouldn't have stayed. My experiences as a pirate, cabin member, and Captain were some of the best in CN, despite the hardships. Truly, the PPO is a great community, and I'll always remember the whacky times we had.

    To Lurunin, I apologize for bringing you into the game. haha :smug:

    To SpliceVW, :wub: thanks for everything

    To Alucard, :v: Now I see what you meant all those years.

    To Spikes, probably the most loyal pirate to have ever graced our AA. :blush:

    To XBloodX, USoN was a long time ago and I'll never forget how awesome you were to remain loyal to me. It's a hard thing in this game.

    To general abmenaj, proud to have passed on my legacy to you. lol

    To Jose, trolololololol :smug:

    To Lanna, I shall be seeing you, my deary! Really, thank you for all the fun times!

    To all other pirates... Stay swinging' ;)

    Secondly, to the Knights of Ni!, which were some of my best friends in the game. I met you guys in 2007 and even though quite a few of the originals are gone, the times carry on. Since watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I've showed it to well over a score of people. lol

    To Capt. Aloha, it's never too late to whip it into shape. :v:

    To Ramon666, quit slacking! I remember back when you ran !@#$! I hope you're doing well and something better than teaching! haha

    To FBI, nice to see you re-roll, and thanks for the service, President. ;)

    To Sudovia, you were the hardest working Knight I'd ever met. Thank you for the service and the best of luck to you in the world!

    To all other Knights no mentioned, thank you for the work. If it's something I've learned, even one person trying makes a huge difference.

    Thirdly, to the MHA, who helped out the alliances I was in tremendously. I never really pursued much for myself with you guys, but for everyone I represented. You did however always make me feel welcome, and it was a great feeling. At the end of the day, nothing matter, because we wanted to whup the same ass. :smug:

    To DoctorDoc, thanks for all the hilarious times! When you became Trium, you really looked to help out the KofN, and I truly appreciated that!

    To Belari, you're hilarious! And I'm looking forward to more Tom. ;)

    To Julia_Rose_Vicious, thank you for playing all of my requests! I'm not sure how much fun you had with those short talks, but they were a blast!

    To all the other Harmless folk, thank you for the support. It really meant a lot to know allies like you who were always friendly and assertive.

    To all three of the above alliances, there were some times where I might have ticked you off, or you annoyed me. There definitely was but I only had the success of whatever alliance I was in at the time at heart.

    To everyone else, the best wishes! I want you to know, I don't harbor anything negative towards anyone. As a matter of fact, the game in general, I don't care about. I've found something new to me and I will pursue it until my end.

    If you would like to just talk or anything, you may feel free to contact me via the below.

    skype: nathanael.gosling

    twitter: @dv4l

    tumblr: oodlesofbacon.tumblr.com

    deviantart: drege.deviantart.com

    Farewell, Cyber Nations!

  11. I was recently browsing my posting history, because every so often I go back to the AcTi posts wondering if I made the right choices at the time.  (On a side note, I also recently reviewed my Kim Jong Illest OWF posts, that was fun to read.)  Looking back over my content, I clicked a few of the Boiler Room topics I posted in around the same time.


    Good lord, how things have changed!  The most extreme posters were, by today's standards, exceedingly moderate for the Boiler Room.  It's sad to see most of those moderate voices gone.  With only a few posters representative of the majority opinion, such as myself, Kain, Thrawn, KMM, Icewolf, and a couple of others, the Boiler Room is almost majority extremists by most standards.  Even the previously-extreme posters like Hereno and Juslen would seem average today.  The unfortunate casualty has been the verbose, thoughtful posters like Aeternos Astramora, Tom Marvolo Riddle, Voodoo Nova, and others.  Even they were second-generation Boiler Room folks, versus the first-generation I was too late to experience who posted long, well-detailed posts about more philosophical topics and ideology.  


    Nowadays the forum is more populated with Hawaiian nazism, anti-Feminist lesbians, Chinese fanboys.....it certainly makes it more colorful, but the magic of the Boiler Room is drowned out by demagoguery.  Some of the older posters still around, who are now the moderates, spend more time replying to the inanity of the modern Boiler Room than having legitimate, thoughtful discussions.


    It's sad.

  12. Was doing some bathroom reading and happened upon this:


    "In an animated conversation I often see the face of the person with whom I am talking so clearly and so subtly determined in accordance with the thought he expresses, or that I believe has been produced in him, that this degree of clarity far surpasses my powers of vision: so the subtle shades of play of the muscles and the expression of the eyes must have been made up by me. Probably the person made an altogether different face, or none at all."   (Friedrich Nietzsche - Beyond Good and Evil - V.192)


    Also, your Mom.

  13. October 11th is National Coming Out Day, and I chose that day to do something I was scared to do for a long time. I've known I was gay for about 2 years now. My father and mother are Catholic. So it's a scary thing to do, I knew they wouldn't approve. I was thinking about it the whole day. That night, at dinner, we did the grace. I volunteered. I said the usually thanks 4 the bread, jesus blah blah. then I said, "Thank you for making me homosexual." Amen. I teared up, expecting my dad to get his shotgun and shoot me right there and then. Their jaws basically dropped to the floor, they were stunned. My sister was across from me, she has known for a few months now. She broke the silence, "pass the butter please." I passed her the butter, my parents were still shocked. They hate me, I thought. It became so overwhelming, I got up and ran to my room, locked the door, and cried into my pillow. $%&@ $%&@ $%&@, i thought. why the $%&@ did i do that? About 10 minutes later, my mother knocked on the door. i shouted "go away you hate me." She said, "No i don't, honey. Please open the door, Caleb." I opened the door crying. She hugged me, and said "we love you no matter what." My father and sister were behind her. My sister was smiling, proud of what i done. My father wasn't as pleased, but I think he doesnt hate me. We all sat down and talked for the next hour. it was the hardest thing i ever done in my life. i havent come out at school yet, because its a catholic school. im transferring next year to get away from the bigots and maybe meet a guy. i haven't had sexual experiences with a guy before, but it's something i look forward too.


    dont be afraid to come out, your loved ones will love you and not shoot you with a shotgun.

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    I speak for myself but I guess some will agree with me. Recently our planet has been attacked and invaded by Aliens players who play a game in an other world and bringing their political grudges to this world it is impossible for many players to follow the politics and Planet Bob has become a sideshow and getting abused .

    To all off you who  invested in your nations and AA many hours you are cutting the branch of the tree you are sitting on.  I thought you were smarter but maybe you wanna win this game by killing it.

    Maybe you don't care which is ok too. But I can't  understand why so many players who still play the game are just jumping off the cliff. 

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    i want to sell 50 tech 

  14. The upcoming elections have reminded me of something, something that is evident to most people in the world, except, for whatever reason, Americans: The American culture and ethos, for the past 40 years, has been based on selfishness (or its PC-term, "individualism") and neo-liberalism, the misguided belief that rich and powerful people can somehow solve all of our problems, and therefore we must protect and defend them at all costs, with Trump being the clear example. Trump's appeal is that he is a rich man who owns his own company, so that automatically means that he knows how to run a country, despite the fact that he has not given an intelligent and outlined plan, and really is nothing more than a buffoon. This Gallup poll outlines the frustration, alienation, and disapproval with American politics: http://www.gallup.com/opinion/polling-matters/179477/americans-frustration-congress-elections.aspx 


    American political discourse is dominated by neo-liberalism, in every considerable way. So much, that any policy advocated that will help the disadvantaged, and limit the privilege of the rich, is considered to be "class warfare", even though class warfare is conducted, every single day, by the privileged against those who are privileged, through law, the structure of our education system (another subject in its entirety), and other means. This is not limited to politics, it is us, our society, that have been influenced by this neo-liberal philosophy. If our politicians represent us, then they do a very good job at it. It's why I choose not to vote, simply because I have no illusions that a politician can improve these conditions. A government is only as good as the society it represents. What's the solution? I honestly don't know if there is any solution outside of a revolution, not a violent revolution, but a spiritual one, one that is based on truth and radical love, and also a cultural and philosophical one, a new renaissance of sorts, considering the fact that stupidity and ignorance greatly contribute to these conditions.


    But I don't see that happening... and it's worth noting that I, by expressing this opinion, am not being self-righteous, nor am I speaking from a position of intellectual superiority. I am saying this because I believe it to be true, not because I'm not guilty of being an acolyte of this philosophy as well. The truth is that I, quite honestly, no longer care because I, as an individual, am powerless to do anything about it on the macro-level. We, as a nation can, but do we want to? Do I want to? Do you want to? The only thing I can do is be the change that I want to see in my everyday life, opposing unfair hierarchies, materialism, and individualism, and trying to be as altruistic as possible. It's hard, and it is why I use the term "we" instead of "you" or "y'all", because I am as influenced by this Age of Selfishness as the next man, and I am as guilty in perpetuating it. That does not mean, however, that we can't try. But we don't, we just continue to perpetuate it.


    I don't follow the "human nature" argument, and that is not the argument I'm making, it's complete BS, and it's also a cop-out. Human beings have the capacity to do good, however, we live in a society that rewards greed and selfishness more than it rewards justice, which is what makes it much more difficult to do good because "what's the point?" right?

  15. Quote

    Disease is an impediment to the body, but not to the will, unless the will itself chooses. Lameness is an impediment to the leg, but not to the will. And add this reflection on the occasion of everything that happens; for you will find it an impediment to something else, but not to yourself.


    -From The Enchridion. by Epitctetus, Chapter 9