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A Reminder


A reminder to all players that by playing this game you agree to follow the rules and the terms and conditions signed when you first logged into Cyber Nations. 


Any behaviors that harass, demeans, endanger or otherwise harm people in their lives is unacceptable.  This game has a large variety of players from every possible demographic.  I expect people to treat each other with respect. If that is not happening, I encourage players to send the moderation team and/or myself evidence of rules violations.


The moderators and I are in the process of discussing some changes as well as reviewing forum threads and will hand out warnings as appropriate as well as possible other actions such as suspension and removal from the game if we determine that is justified. If incidents are happening elsewhere, I also encourage players to report the behavior to the appropriate administrators there as well.


Also a reminder about multiple nations. According to the terms and conditions, any player found to be operating more than one account will be removed from the game.



4. By using this service you agree not to cheat in the form of abusing the war system, foreign aid system, trade system with multiple accounts controlled by the same user. You agree not to create more than one player account in this game and understand that by creating or accessing more than one account you will be in violation of these terms and conditions. As of 7/2/2014 multiple accounts on the same computer network are allowed, as long as the accounts are controlled by different players. No interaction (war, trade, foreign aid, etc..) between players on the same network is allowed either directly or through 3rd parties (ie. no sending foreign aid to someone who is not on your network who then sends foreign aid back to someone who is on your network). Moderation will still investigate multi account abuse and will continue to reserve the right to remove rule violators from the game. Account sitting is only allowed for a limit of 70 days (10 weeks) when reported in the nation sitting thread in the Moderation section of the Cyber Nations forums.


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